Omelette Aux Truffes

Sliced truffles in brown sauce in the center of the omelet.

Omelette Aux Epinards

Spinach omelet, green color, the puree of spinach mixed with the eggs before cooking.

Omelette Aux Fines Herbes

Mixture of shallots, mushrooms and parsley lightly fried, mixed in ' the omelet be/ore cooking.

Omelette A L'Algerienne

Rice boiled, seasoned with butter and tomato sauce, spread inside an omelet; served with tomato sauce.

Omelette A L'Indienne

Onion lightly fried in oil, with curry powder and cream mixed in the omelet before cooking. Boiled and seasoned rice spread on the omelet and folded up in it; served with curry sauce.

Savory Souffle

Light omelet made by separating the yolks and whites, yolks beaten with little cream and seasonings, whites whipped firm and added; cooked by stirring in the omelet pan and finish in the oven.

Spanish Omelet

Tomatoes, chopped ham, green pepper and onions fried together, placed part inside and rest around the omelet.

Omelette A La Provencale

Onion omelet with little garlic, the onions and garlic lightly fried first, rolled up in the omelet.

Travelers' Omelet

Cold, substitute for sandwiches. Omelet like a pancake, spread with potted ham or tongue and mustard.

Sportsman's Omelet

With puree of game inside and hot fumet of game sauce.

Omelette A La Milanaise

Macaroni and cheese in tomato sauce inside an omelet, cheese sifted over outside while hot enough to partly melt it; sauce.

Omelette Aux Confitures

Sweet omelet soufflde with marmalade in the baking dish under it, baked, sugared over top.

Omelette A La Claremont

Sweet egg pancake with apple marmalade inside, sugared over and glazed.

Omelette A La Celestine

Omelet with frangipane pastry cream inside, apricot jam diluted with kirschwasser poured over.

Omelette Au Chocolate

Soufflee made by adding dissolved chocolate in warm cream to yolks, the whites whipped and added; cooked partly in omelet pan on fire, finished in the oven.

Meringued Omelet

Omelet rolled up with jam inside, meringued over and browned.

Omelette Au Rhum

Rum omelet. Omelet with little sugar and cream in it and spoonful of rum; when turned on dish sugared over, marked in stripes with red-hot wire on the sugar, warm rum poured around -and set on fire.

Omelette Souffle

Puff omelet, sweet and flavored; made with i teaspoon sugar to each egg, yolks and whites whipped separately, with sugar and tea-spoonful milk with the yolks; all stirred together, baked in dish or in frying pan partly on top and finished in oven. Sugar sifted over and should be glazed with red-hot shovel or iron. Omelettes soufflees are made almost as various as ice creams, with different flavorings and mixtures of pistachios, almonds, etc. (See Eggs).