Rock Work, Oeufs A La Niege

Snow eggs with custard; made by separating eggs, making a yellow custard with the yolks, whipping the whites firm with little sugar, and poaching by dropping spoonfuls in boiling milk, the poached white " rock work " being built up in the bowl of custard.

Savory Eggs

Eggs beaten in a bowl with little chopped green thyme, salt, pepper, scrambled in plenty of butter.

Eggs A L'Annecy

Hard-boiled eggs cut in halves, yolks in a saucepan mixed with mushrooms, parsley, salt, pepper, onions and butter, raw eggs to bind, put back in whites.

Mayonnaise Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs, ends cut off, yolk extracted, pounded with oil, vinegar, mustard, salt, cayenne, put back, eggs set on end in dish; garnished with salad.

Egg Shells

"The peripatetic 'shows,' which move from fair to fair in the country, often include a shooting-gallery, the targets whereof are egg-shells. Inquiry has elicited the fact that these are collected in thousands from hotels and restausants, the chefs of which establishments have them blown instead of breaking them in the ordinary way".

Scrambled Eggs With Asparagus

Tips of asparagus cooked separately and buttered are mixed in scrambled eggs when just done.

Eggs For The Brave

"No honest appetite ever yet rejected an egg in some guise. It is nutriment in the most portable form and in the most concentrated shape. After the victory of Muhldorf, when the Kaiser Ludwig sat at a meal with his burggrafs and great captains, he determined on a piece of luxury - ' one egg to every man, and two to the excellently valiant Schwcppcr-man'".

Eggs With Ham Toast

Potted ham with butter spread on toast; a poached egg on each slice.

Egg Pyramids

The yolks and whites separated, each yolk dropped in a very small metal shell or butter-chip previously buttered; the whites whipped quite firm, a spoonful placed on each yolk, shaped up to a cone; baked in slack oven.

Egg Zephyrs

Little steamed puddings of eggs and butter; made by beating 6 oz. melted butter into 6 eggs and 2 oz. sugar; flavor; sauce.

Egg Souffles A La Reine

Whipped whites and sugar in small custard cups, steamed, the center scooped out, filled with rich yellow custard; macaroon-crumbs on top.

Egg Pancakes

Made of eggs and butter and a very little cream; 6 eggs to 4 oz. butter, 1 oz. cream, salt; cooked as a pancake; lemon-juice and sugar over.

Eggs And Bacon

Sir Kenelm Digby, in his Closet of Cookery (1669), says: "A couple of poached eggs, with a few callops of pure bacon, are not bad for breakfast, or to begin a meal".

Egg Sandwich

Hard-boiled eggs pounded white and yolk together in a mortar with butter, salt, ppper, cayenne; spread on thin buttered bread.

Oeufs Mollets A La Bouchere

Soft eggs with meat. Half pound each of bacon, tenderloin beef and small button onions; the meat cut to the size of the onions; all fried in butter; brown sauce added, herbs, seasonings; 1/2 lb. mushrooms fried; poached eggs served on top.