Dinner Given By A Physician

A dinner given by one of the medical attendants of the late Prince Leopold.


Clear Soup.


Oyster Patties.



Guinea Fowls.

Orange Pudding. Claret Jelly.

Anchovy Toast. Cheese.

A German Model Menu

At the Windsor Hotel, Edinburgh, a dinner was 'given in honor of the German Emperor's ninetieth birthday. There were about fifty gentlemen present, of course mainly composed of Germans, but here and there were to be seen Scotchmen and Englishmen. The viands were composed largely of German dishes, but amid the foreign names loomed the untranslatable word "haggis," the familiar Scottish national dish. On the menu card was an excellent portrait of the emperor, and the viands were as under:

Kaiser Suppe. Huhner Suppe. Sherry.

Lachs, mit Hummer Sauce. Gebackene Seezunge. Niersteiner.

Leipziger Lerchen. Kalbskopf.


Schaumwein. Whisky.

Sauerbraten und Klosse. Haasenbraten und Weinkraut.

Junge Huhnen und Enten. Compot und Salad.

Sachsischer Auflauf. Apfelkuchen.

Susse Sulz.

Rothwein. Sherry.


The German Emperor's Dinner

The following is a copy of one of the last gala dinners which chef Urbain Dubois prepared for his illustrious employers, and of which, as well he might, "All-Highest-the-Same" ate very heartily:

Hiihnerbruhe mit Spargel-Kopfen.

Schild - Kroten - Suppe.

Gebirgs-Forellen, blau.

Lendenbraten mit Kaviar-Brodchen.

Warme Rebhuhner-Pasteten mit Truffeln.

Helgolander Hummer.

Brusseler Geflugel.

Bomishe Fasanen. Salat.

Artischoken-Bohnen mit jungen Gemusen.

Pilse in Petersilie.

Butter und Kase. Fruchte. Eis. Nachtisch.

Jubilee Supper At Lansdowne House

The menu of the jubilee supper at Lansdowne House, which received very special commendation from the Prince of Wales, was as follows:

Tortue claire.

Filets de soles a la Ravigotte.

Cailles flanquees, d'ortolans.

Filets devolaille a la Parisienne.

Asperges a la sauce Hollandaise.

Souffles glacis Panaches.

This is a very simple repast, for since the Prince of Wales' digestion lost the edge of youth he has been urging every one to give simple dinners. It is made up of five courses: Clear turtle soup; fillets of sole, served with Ravigotte sauce (a maitre d'ho-tel sauce with Chili vinegar, anchovy, etc.); quail flanked with ortolans; fillets of fowl a la Parisienne, asparagus with Hollandaise sauce (yolk of eggs and butter with vinegar); and a souffle with harlequin ices.