These are dishes which one traveler did not relish and he thought them strange, though they seemed good to his German entertainers: Cold potato salad, boiled beef and raspberry jam, spinach fried in butter, wine and raisin soup, pancakes three inches thick fried in the oil of Spanish onions, pork sausage fritters, raw herrings and cucumber with treacle sauce, veal cutlets garnished with boiled stick liquorice.

German Potato Salad

The ingredients of a real German winter salad are cold boiled potatoes cut up into quite small pieces, some capers, or a few olives chopped up, anchovies stripped off the bones and cut into small pieces, and a little finely-chopped parsley. To these may be added beetroot and celery, if desired, which should also be cut up into small pieces. All the ingredients to be well mixed. For the dressing, to the proportion of two eggs - of which the yolks, hard boiled, only are used - put one tablespoonful of salad oil, a little cayenne pepper, salt and mustard to taste; and asmall teaspoon-ful of pounded loaf sugar. When these are well mixed, add three tablespoonfuls of cream or good milk, and, lastly, stir in one tablespoonful of vinegar. Pour the dressing over the salad just before serving.

German Vegetable Soup

One of the most nutritious and appetising soups known to the German gourmet. Put into a stew-pan 12 onions, 1 turnip, and a head of cabbage, 1/4 lb. of butter, and 1 qt. of white stock; stew till tender. Add another quart of stock, pulp the vegetables, and boil with the soup 1/2 an hour, stirring constantly; just before serving stir 1/2 pt. boiling cream and about 20 button onions picked and boiled soft in milk and water. Season with salt, and thicken, if desired, with rice-flour worked with butter.

German Stewed Eels

Cut in 3 inch pieces, steeped in salt water an hour; butter and flour fried together and water to make sauce of it; garlic, sage leaves, bay leaf, mace, cloves, Rhine wine, eels put in and simmered an hour.

German Roast Goose

The goose wiped inside and filled with small whole apples, cored but not peeled; also a small bunch of mug-wort. Sewed up, salted, the goose fat spread over it and buttered paper; roasted in the oven 3 hours; gravy made in the pan.

Beefsteak Mit Schlagsahne

" I have dined and lunched at the Zura Kniephof since, and have been contented with the fare. I shall speak about its bill of fare on a futuie occasion, mentioning, meanwhile, that beefsteak mit Schlagsahne - that is, with whipped cream on it - is a specialty of the house. German people like their beefsteaks served with all kinds of curious additions, as with two poached eggs, or sardine-butter on the meat. The beefsteaks are always good, being cut from the fillet. I have not had a single tough beefsteak, or other piece of meat, since I have been here".

Kniephof Broedciien

"Another specialty at the Zum Kniephof is the Kniephof Broedchen, or sandwich. I asked for a plate of this out of curiosity, and found it to consist of six slices of roll, each differently spread, one with a caviar, two with sausage, one with veal, one with beef, and one with cheese, arranged in star-fashion round a centerpiece of a leaf of lettuce, some chopped cucumber, and an anchovy. The price of this assortment, which constituted a complete meal, was only 6d".