"Another not so substantial but tasty dish is that of Krammetsvogel, which we call the field-fare. This little bird, roasted and served upon buttered toast, is in taste by no means distant from the snipe, and, indeed, but for the beak, might well be mistaken for it. Sauerkraut accompanies the dish, and for one of these winter tenants of the fields the diner is charged during the hours of the mid-day meal the sum of 3d., a not high price for a dainty morsel".

Caraway Mayonnaise

"The refreshments consisted of a very well stocked cold buffet, from which I fetched a plate of the best roast-beef I have ever eaten. It was served with mayonnaise sauce, which was flavored with caraway seeds".

German Hotch Potch

Neck of mutton broth with dried green peas and carrots and turnips cut small, and celery root or seed; boiled 1 1/2 hours, some mutton chops added; seasonings, chops and soup served together.

German Giblet Soup

Puree of white beans with some whole boiled beans added, and giblets cut small, stewed tender and mixed in.

German Giblets With Apples

Brown giblet stew in the middle of the dish, gravy from them mixed with apple juice and zante currents poured over; quarters of apples stewed with sugar and butter placed around.

German Giblets With Pears

Goose giblets and pork chops stewed together; quartered pears stewed in the giblet liquor with cloves and sugar and served around the giblets in a dish.

German Giblets With Turnips

Stewed giblets cut small, served with slices of stewed turnips in thick sauce, and sippets of toasted bread.

German Toast

Canapes of toast spread over with minced stewed meat with its sauce, the meat to be stirred over the fire first, with eggs, parsley and seasoning; after spreading, covered with crumbs and browned.

German Sauce

For cold meats, boar's head, etc., currant jelly, juice and shredded rind of an orange, horseradish, sugar, mustard, vinegar, salad oil. The jelly to be melted and the rest stirred into it.

German Horseradish Sauce

Grated horseradish and stewed equal quantities, with vinegar and little sugar.

Frankfort Sausages

Made of lean pork, fat bacon, red wine to moisten, ground coriander seed, nutmeg, salt, pepper, boiled, smoked.

Chicken Klosse

Forcemeat balls of raw chicken, suet, bread, eggs, parsley, seasoned, boiled in clear soup.

Goose Liver Klosse

Forcemeat balls of minced liver with bread, milk, eggs, etc., to make up into a paste; may be either boiled in soup or fried same as croquettes.

Herb Klosse

Bread-crumbs, grated cold potatoes, flour and eggs, spinach and other herbs parboiled, all made up into forcemeat balls, boiled, rolled in fried bread-crumbs, served with meat or alone.

Potato Klosse

Potato croquettes.

Potato Klosse With Sugar

Sweetened potato croquettes served with sugar.