In Irving's "Impressions of America" due prominence is given to the lavish feasting which attended the well-known artist's triumphal progress through the states. He was greeted everywhere with complimentary entertainments. As for the menus of some of his smaller banquets, they make one's mouth water; and Mr. Irving is evidently an intelligent and scientific gourmet. He seems to have given the palm to a simple little dinner -at Sieghortner's in New York. Oysters on the half shell, lying on crushed ice, each served with its separate slice of lemon. A vegetable soup that reminded him of what he barbarously misspells as "Cock-u-lukie." Terrapin sent up hot and hot. ("Next to going to heaven," said a friend near me, is to go down to Baltimore and eat terrapin.") Canvas-back duck - a breast on each plate, with potato chips and celery, and two courses of the ducks, the first roasted, the second grilled and devilled. A souffle, cheese, coffee and wines that were worthy of the fare. By way of contrast to that little diner soigne, we have an amusing account of a "scratch" dinner given by Irving to his company at a hotel at Toronto in the winter, and consequently out of season.

After telegraph and telephone had been working in all directions, flashing fruitless messages for poultry and other raw material, seventy guests were set down at last to a sufficiency of substantial food.

Private Dinner To The Prince And Princess Of Wales

Consomme de Volaille Royale. Crthne d'Asperges a la Comtesso.

Turbot braise a la Vatel. Mousse de Saumon a la Lavalliere.

Cstelettes d'Agneau Chatelaine. Medaillons de Poie-gras a l'Aspic.

Hanche de Venaison. Pouiardes Souffles.

Ortolans snr Canapes. Petits Pois a la Francais.

Parfait leger aux Cerises. Gateau Napolitain.

Tartelettes Suisses.

First official dinner given by President Carnot at the Elysee:

Consomme Bagration. Bisque d'Ecrevisses.

Bouchers aux Crevettes.

Saumon, Sauce GeneVoise. Cuissot de Chevreuil Saint Hubert.

Supreme de Volaille aux Truffes.

COtelettes d'Agneau aux Petits Pois.

Mauviettes a la Lucullus.

Salade d'Homard a la Russe.


Faisans truffes, Sauce Perigueux.

Pates de Foie Gras de Nancy.

Asperges en Branches. Haricots Verts Nouveaux.

Glace Diplomate. Gateaux Mousseline a l'Orange.

Menu of a dinner given by the Sultan of Turkey to the Prince Jerome Napoleon on the 1st of July:

Potage a la reine. Betireg.

Poisson a la Turque.

Filet de boeuf a la Godard.

Poulets nouveaux a l'Orientale.

Cotelettes d'agneau aux petits pois.

Hiar Dornassy.

Homards en Belle-vue.

Asperges bouillies, sauce au beurre.

Punch a la Romaine.

Dindonneaux rotis au jus.


Visnali ekmeg.

Gelee macedoine de fruits.

Faouk gheuksu.

Fromage glace.