The Normandy peasants make an excellent salmi from guillemots - the despised sea-crows of the Scotch - which is equal to woodcock, and superior to hare in flavor. Served with red wine, guillemot is a dish for a gourmet; but the people find the birds very good without such addition.

Guinea Fowl

Is cooked as partridge, for which it occasionally serves as a substitute; is often sent to market in dressed lots mixed with chickens, but being darker fleshed should not be cooked with them; but is most excellent by its own name. It is the best substitute for game when game is out of season. It has two names in French.

Pintade Ron

Roast Guinea fowl; the breast and legs larded, roasted under cover of buttered paper; served with cress in the dish, and brown gravy separately. Roast Guinea fowls are sometimes served with lettuce salad and apple fritters.

Pintade A La Bearnaise

Guinea fowl roasted and served with Bear-naise sauce.

Gelinotte Piquee

Larded Guinea hen.

Gelinotte Bardee

Guinea hen wrapped in slices of fat pork, and baked.

Guinea Pig

Thecavy; a tame animal about the size of the opossum, kept as a pet by some people; good for food, and something like the opossum in taste. "F. Z. S. writes: I do not wish it to be supposed that I recommend the cavy as a cheap food, but rather for its delicious flavor and recherche quality. It may, no doubt, be sometimes grown at small expense, but I look upon it as being so valuable for the table as to make it worthy both of trouble and expense in its cultivation. Think of its value in the game course when game is out of season; of the value of its tender flesh and gelatinous skin in the feeding of invalids and convalescents, and of the vast number of ways in which a clever cook could utilize it. Probably there are few recipes for made dishes, either of rabbit or game, that would not be applicable to cavy. I consider the smooth-haired white cavy the best adapted for the table, on account of the whiteness of its skin".


There are many of the commoner kinds of sea-gulls that taste delicious in a pie when properly cooked. It is only prejudice that keeps people from eating them.

Gumbo File (Creole Fr)

Dried gumbo.

Gum For Chewing

The best is plain spruce gum as it exudes from the trees in Maine and Canada. Additions of sugar and flavoring are made; and adulterations with parrafine are practiced by different manufacturers, but there is no other standard but the plain gum conveniently wrapped for handling.

Gurnet Or Gurnard

A sea-fish common in France and England.

Grondin Farci Au Four

Gurnet stuffed and baked.

Filets De Grondins En Matelote

Sides of gurnet breaded and fried; served with matelote sauce.

Hachis (Fr)


Hachis De Venaison

Hashed venison.


See Scottish rookery.


Hake is an English "west-country" fish, often sold under the name of white salmon. It is a cheap fish and not very highly esteemed; cooked in same ways as halibut.