(Chicago Hotel World.) Mr. Plummer, headwaiter of the Mi. lard, Omaha, received a costly manicure set from his waiters.

Mr. O. H. Lane, headwaiter at the Ho tel Worth, Chicago, besides other gifts, received about $40 in hard cash from the guests of that hotel. The side-waiters also fared well.

Ms. Albert E. Reynolds, headwaiter of the St. James Hotel, St. Louis, was generously remembered by his waiters with a fine ring, bearing his monogram inlaid with diamonds.

Julia Harrigan has been head waitress at the Morton House, Grand Rapids, Mich., for over ten years, and her friends made her a Christmas present this year of $230 in cash, collected in small donations.

The St. Louis, Hotel Reporter fays the Southern Hotel Company distributed about fifteen hundred dollars among their employes and allowed them to purchase their presents. The proprietors of the Lindell also came to the front in a liberal manner.

Mrs. Potter Palmer gives a Christmas the Palmer House, Chicago, in the hotel parlors. At the recent treat over 200 children, (says the Chicago Hotel Reporter,) assembled around a monster Christmas tree laden with valuable presents, and every child was made happy with a gift. After the presentations the little ones were given a banquet with plenty of ice cream, cakes and candies in the bill of fare. It is such substantial manifestations of good will upon the parts of employers that tends to make employes contented and happy.