"Cranks," said the girl waiter, "always blossom out in their full glory when they eat. Some of them never know enough to give an order and five minutes after it is cooking will want me to change it. Of course I can't do it. Then there is the young man who is inclined to be spooney and indulges in any amount of soft nothings, forgetting that I have not let this leap year pass without getting an iron-clad engagement, and if my fellow attempts to go back on his vows I will make it too warm for him to live. But there is one kind of crank that is the meanest of all - the one who comes in with a friend, and when he sees anything his friend has ordered that pleases him deliberately appropriates it. This always creates bad feeling, and the blame falls on me. I thought I would get even with one of this kind last night, and checked him up an extra quarter. But I failed. He traded checks and paid his bill and went out, and his patient friend caught the large sized check".