The best plovers are the golden plovers. They were the first birds that were eaten without being drawn, and they are still dressed in this way.

Broiled Plovers

Broiled plovers are very good as a supper dish. They should be simply broiled as they are, kept well buttered while cooking, and, when ready, served on slices of fried bread.

Roast Plovers

Plovers should never be drawn, but wrapped up in slices of bacon and roasted. Lay some pieces of toast in the dripping-pan, and serve the plovers on them.

Plover   Pluvier.

Plover - Pluvier.

Croustades Of Plover A La Provencals

Plovers in brown sauce with garlic mushrooms, white wine, parsley, served in cup-shapes of fried bread.

Filets De Pluviers Aux Champignons

Breasts of roasted plovers with croutons spread with the trail, and mushrooms in game sauce.

Filets De Pluviers A La Lucullus

Fillets of plovers covered with forcemeat and served in a border of toasted bread, with a thick purde of plovers piled in the center and game sauce around.

Potted Plovers

Boned plovers with raw game forcemeat packed in a jar with seasonings, wine and essence made from the bones, cooked in the oven. Served cold.