"Supper served on the stage of the Gaiety Theatre here on the occasion of the 100th representation of Le Grand Mogol, and offered by the lessee, Mr. Debruyere, and the authors of the piece, to the actors and many representatives of Paris art, literature, society, and finance:

Potage Irma, Consomme Bengaline.

Truites du Gange, Sauce Brahma et Sauce.


Filet Mignapour aux Truffes et aux Champignons.

Jambon Crakson aux pointes d'Asperges.

Faisans et Perdreaux des Jangles. P:ite de Foie Gras a la Joquclct.

Salade Bayadere.

Bombe Nicobar.



Bordeaux retour de 1'Inde et Champagne.

Grand Mogol.

Cafe. Liqueurs.

You will perceive that the coleur locale is well preserved".

A Good Menu

"The following is a good menu, as lean vouch from personal experience:

Consomme aux ceufs poches.

Aloyau Portugaise.

Timbale de macaroni.

Cailles rsties.

Cardons a la moelle.

Charlotte de potnmes.

"Here is the recipe for the Aloyau Portugaise mentioned above: Prepare a piece oi faux-filet; lard it; steep it in a little olive-oil and cognac-brandy for an hour before cooking. Have stuffed tomatoes and roast with your fauxfilet. When it is ready place the tomatoes round the meat and pour Madeira sauce over the whole".