A very large species, as much larger than the common eel as a fowl is larger than a partridge. A prejudice against eating it exists in some localities, as is the case with our catfish, but not everywhere.

Conger For Breakfast

The bone taken out without dividing the fish; salt and pepper rubbed in, the meat side laid open; the fish then fastened on a wall in the shade to cure for two days; pieces cut off, broiled and buttered.

Conger Eel Stewed

In brown gravy, or dressed in steaks or cutlets, is by no means contemptible eating; it is also good roasted, or baked, made into a soup, or curried.

Conger Soup

The head and shoulders of a large conger is covered with cold water, sweet herbs, onion, piece of lemon peel; boiled 1 1/2 hours; skimmed free from the oil of the fish; milk, flour and butter thickening, and green peas added, and the fish in pieces. "The conger eel good eating as soup? Well, I should just think so.

You Ask The First Guernsey Man You Come Across

Guernsey man or Guernsey woman, Jersey man or Jersey woman (as Mrs. Langtry, for instance) - what is the pride and glory of his or her island. 'Why, conger-eel soup,' will be the answer And so it is. The first time I tasted it was at a ' toney ' dinner at the Governor of Guernsey's house. In fact, it is the national dish of Sarnia. The Elizabeth College boys are notoriously so fond of it that they go by the name of ' College Congers,' the cause of an eternal feud and much bloodshed between them and the 'cads,' or town boys. The soup is made principally with milk, but you have the proper recipe".