Chicken A La Chif-Fonade

Seasoned clear chicken broth, pieces of chicken in it previously half-fried; shred lettuce, sorrel, chervil added.

Chicken A La Kitchener

Broth, thickened white roux; roast chickens, selected meat saved, skin and trimmings boiled in broth.

Chicken A La Kettner

Roast chickens cut up, skin and trimmings in broth, thickened white roux, chicken meat, rice, and cream.

Chicken A La Malmaison

White soup containing two colors of chicken quenelles, yellow and green, with small carrots, cauliflower, yolks, cream.

Chicken A La Messinoise

White puree of chicken and almonds with quenelles of chicken and tomato.

Chicken A La Princesse

Cream- colored, thick, with stuffed braised lettuce aside.

Chicken A La Sontag

Pieces of chicken half-fried with ham in butter, along- with leeks and rice in thickened broth. Chicken a la St.


Cruam-corored with barley, chicken meat and fried forcemeat balls.

Chicken A L'Anglaise

Seasoned chicken stock thickened, with pieces of chicken.

Chicken With Okra

Pieces chicken half-fried with onions, stock, tomatoes, okra, rice.

Chicken With Rice

Pieces chicken half fried, in stock with rice, plain.

Chicken With Tomato

Pieces fried with ham and onions, stock, tomato puree.

Chicken Broth A La Britannia

Printanier vegetables and " royal " chicken custards in broth.

Chicken A La Chevaliere

A garbure of cream - soaked and fried rolls served aside with broth.

Chicken A La Chorseuil

Chicken stocks with "royal " chicken custards and asparagus tops.

Chicken A La Nicoise

Assorted vegetables including cabbage cut in dice, rice and chicken meat in broth.

Chicken A La Palestine

With Jerusalem artichokes cut small and chicken.

Chicken A La Viennoise

Consomme with barley, chicken meat, chervil.

Chicken With Poached Eggs

Broth with asparagus tops and poached egg in each plate.

Puree De Volaille A La Bearnaise

Puree of chicken and almonds, boiling cream, squares of chicken meat, fried rings of bread.

Puree De Volaille A La Jussienne

Pur£e of chicken and bread panada in thickened broth with yolks and fried crusts.

Puree De Volaille A La Milesienne

Tinted green; puree of chicken with pounded pistachios.

Puree De Volaille A La Perigord

Puree of chicken, rice and almonds, with "royal" custards containing puree of truffles.

Puree De Volaille A La Reine

Pounded chicken and rice in stock passed through a sieve, cream, butter, croutons. Puree de Volaille a la St.


Cream-colored with chicken puree, pieces of cooked cucumbers, rice, chervil.

Puree De Volaille A La Creme

White cream puree with white meat of chicken.