"I remember some time ago six American gentlemen from New York came to Big-non's and said: 'Now, Joseph, we want a thoroughly good dinner.' I asked them what they wanted, and they insisted on leaving it to me. Well, this is what I gave them: First a potage garbure,' then pommes georgette,' next a quail for each guest. And would you believe that during their stay in Paris they ordered that same dinner of garbure, pommes georgette and roast no less than eight times, of which four times running?" Garbure is something which is served with soup rather than the soup itself; it is crust of bread baked in a dish of fat broth; any sort of vegetable may be prepared and poured over the baked but softened bread, and the real soup is served separately. It is eaten by each person taking a spoonful of the bread from the baking dish, its top-dressing of vegetable with it, and adding a ladleful of soup to it in the soup plate. In the instance above mentioned the baked bread had a dressing of parmesan cheese, and the soup served with it wasjulienne.

Garblke With Cabbage

Cabbages stewed with small sausages and bits of bacon; top-crust of rolls baked in a dish with enough beef-broth to moisten; the cabbage served on the bread; beef-broth or other soup by the side.

Garbure With Cucumbers

Cucumbers in inch-lengths, parboiled, then fried in butter, then stewed, served on top of crusts baked in broth; a Vegetable-soup in another tureen.

Garbure A La Clermont

Onions in rings fried to a yellow color, then stewed in broth, poured over the baked crusts; beef-broth served in another tureen.

Garbure A La Frexeuse

Turnips cut in pieces, fried, then stewed, poured over the baked crusts; beef-broth served separately.