Alamode Beef Soup

See Alamode.

Beef Soup A L'Anglaise

Smooth brown soup of stock thickened with roux, lean beef cut in squares, celery, turnips, carrots likewise.

Beef Broth With Rice

Beef stock highly seasoned, with rice cooked separately and added.

Ox Palate Soup A L'Anglaise

Palates peeled, boiled, and pressed, cut in squares, put in clear soup with egg-quenelles and Madeira wine; lemon aside.

Ox Palate Soup Thick

Brown like beef-soup; pressed palates cut in dice; lemon slices, sherry, parsley.

Ox Cheek Soup A La Nelson

Stock made of ox-cheeks, beef, ham, vegetables; thick, brown, with wine, and the meat cut in squares.

Ox Tail Soup

Is made either clear or thick; tails in round slices stewed 2 or 3 hours; beef stock; carrots and turnips in slices like the tails; all served in the soup; little sherry and lemon.

Ox Tail Soup A L'Arnold

The preceding thick, brown, with barley.

Potage Aux Queues De Bceuf

Ox-tail soup.