Fish Soup A La Brabanconxe

Strong fish stock with Rhine wine and tomato puree added; "royal" custards and collops of fish.

Fish Soup A La Bateliere

Thickened fish stock with sherry, oysters, scallops, lobster meat, fish quenelles, fried crusts.

Fish Soup A La Duclair

Clarified fish broth with white fillets of fish and sippets of dried bread.

Fish Soup A La Russe

Clarified fish broth, shredded vegetables, fillets of fish, fried crusts.

Potage A La Bagration

Thick-ened broth of vegetables and fish, yolks, cream, lemon juice, fish quenelles, oysters, lobster meat, duchesse crusts.

Potage A La Chanoinesse

Pink-colored, with crayfish butter, soft roes of fish, mushrooms, oysters, crayfish tails.

Sturgeon Soup A La Suedoise

Strong fish stock with white wine, brown roux, stewed slices of sturgeon and mussels.

Pike Soup A La Champlain

Fish made into forcemeat balls, fried. Fish stock cream-colored, with Catawba, mussel liquor, the forcemeat balls, fried bread.

Pickerel Soup A La Malmesbury

Fillets in small squares cooked in butter and wine. Stock thickened, cream-colored, with mussels, lobster meat and the fillets.

Flounder Soup

Thickened fish stock with roux, Catawba, scollops, oysters, and fillets of flounder cut to size of oysters; croutons.

Eel Soup American Style

Pieces of eels half fried in butter, flour, fish stock, tomatoes, Catawba, croutons.

Eel Soup A La Hartford

Cream-colored fricassee of eels with scollops and croutons. Eel Soup a la St.


Pieces of eels simmered in butter and wine. Fish stock with lobster, fried vegetables and aro-matics, thickened, creamy. Parsley, lobster meat, eels added.

Potage A L'Anguille

Eel soup.

Potage A La Provencale


Potage A La Poissoniere

White soup with pieces of salmon and sole, oysters and mussels.

Potage Aux Filets De Soles

Fish broth thickened, wine, yolks, and fillets of soles.

Potage Aux Huitres

Oyster soup.

Potage De Homard

Lobster soup.

Potage A La Bisque D'Ecrivisses

Bisque of crayfish.