See also Bisques, Hare, Game, Partridge.

Game Soup A La Corcoise

A soup of partridges, rabbit, salt pork, ham, smoked sausages, soup beef, dried mushrooms, lentils, and vegetables. The meats sliced and ssrved in the strained soup.

Bisque Of Grouse

Game broth with several kinds of meat, etc., thickened with bread panada, wine, fillets of grouse in fine shreds "The grouse soup at Hamilton Palace used to be made on the principle of a young grouse to each of the party, in addition to six or seven brace stewed down for stock".

Puree Of Duck A La Norfolk

Mallards roasted, then stewed, meat pounded through a sieve; game broth, panada to thicken, port wine, croutons. Duck Soup a la Hongroise Game soup containing puree of vegetables and ham, with barley and the ducks in pieces.

Rabbit Soup A La Polonaise

Light color. Rabbit stock with ham and vegetables thickened with roux and yolks; wine, fillets of rabbits; rice aside.

Hare Soup

See Hare.

Puree De Gibier

Puree of game.

Puree De Lapereaux

Puree of rabbit.

Puree De Grouses

Purge of grouse.

Potage Aux Grouses

Grouse soup.

Potage Aux Faisans

Pheasant soup.

Potage Aux Perdreaux

Partridge soup.

Potage A La Lievre

Hare soup.

Potage A La Venaison

Venison soup.

Potage A La Chasseur

Game soup with pieces of the game, onions, potatoes and mushrooms.

Pigeon Soup A La Fabert

Pigeons cut up and fried with ham and butter; flour, broth, sherry, julienne, vegetables- and the pigeon pieces served in it.

Pigeon Soup Belgien Style

The preceding with carrots and green peas.