Cotelettes A La Financiere

Chops braised, served with financiere garnish.

Cotelettes A La Nelson

Chops breaded with Parmesan cheese in the crumbs, fried, served on border of mashed potatoes, center filled with macaroni and cheese.

Cotelettes A La Maintenon

Chops wrapped and served in paper; they having been previously sauteed in butter, with mushrooms, parsley, shallots, brown sauce and lemon juice added, some of the garnish twisted up with each chop; baked or broiled.

Cotelettes A La Prince De Galles

Pieces of stewed breast of mutton breaded and fried; served with mashed turnips and gravy.

Escalopes De Mouton Aux Fines Herbes

Slices of mutton from the chump end of the loin cooked in a pan in butter, strewed over with chopped shallots, parsley and mushrooms.

Filets De Mouton A La Macedoine

The meat of the loin larded, braised, served with macedoine garnish.

Carbonade De Mouton, Sauce Piquante

Loin of mutton cut in chops, sauteed, served with sauce.

Hanche De Mouton Au Jus De Groseilles

Haunch of mutton with gravy and currant jelly.

Quartier De Mouton A La Bretonne

Fore quarter with white beans.

Selle De Mouton A L'Anglaise

Roast saddle of mutton.

Gigot Bouilli

Boiled leg of mutton with turnips.

Gigot Sauce Aux Cai'Res

Boiled mutton, caper sauce.

Leg Of Mutton A La Mexicaine

Mutton with black beans.

Leg Of Mutton A La Bignon

Roasted with a clove of garlic inserted in the fleshy part; served with Bignon potatoes.

Mutton Like Venison

Loin of mutton boned, soaked for 2 or 3 days in little port wine, basted with wine; served with gravy and currant jelly.

Cavalier's Broil

A shoulder of mutton half cooked in the oven with a buttered paper over, scored down to the bone, seasonings put in the cuts; broiled upon the gridiron; served with pickled mushrooms.

Mutton Pie

Stewed meat well skimmed of fat, with onion, parsley, scooped potato balls and a top crust of good paste; baked an hour.

Mutton Chops Like Venison

Chops without fat marinaded in oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, onions, herbs; sauteed; served with game sauce.

Mutton Collops

(1) Thin slices or steaks from the leg. (2) Scotch collops are minced; either mutton or beef.

Curried Mutton

Mutton in curry sauce; cold, cooked mutton will answer.

Roajst Mutton And Laver

"Most people know that a roast leg of four or five year old mutton (it were superfluous to expatiate upon the haunch) with laver served in (he saucepan, is a dish of high merit, but it ought never to be profaned by the spit, which lets out the gravy, and shocks the sight with an unseemly perforation".

Mutton Soups

Scotch broth, hodge-podge, barley, Piemontaise, Rouennaise, Grecque, etc.