Almost anything that is made shaped, steamed, baked or moulded in a dariole mould is called a dariole. Deep patties of a pastry crust filled with some kind of custard or stiff cream, flavored either with vanilla or chocolate seems to have been the original sort of dariole, which is not as rich as a cheese cake, but nearly the same thing.

Darne (Fr)

A thick cut of salmon or sturgeon.

Darne D'Esturgeon Au Four

A thick slice of sturgeon baked.


Fruit of the date palm.

Date Pie

Made like squash pie; 1 qt. milk, 2 lb. dates, 3 eggs; the dates boiled in the milk and rubbed through strainer.

Dates For Dessert

The stone removed and a blanched almond put in its place.

Date Cream

Sugared dates; a candy bon-bon.


Tartlets; patty pans lined with paste, preserve or jam first; custard on top; baked and then meringued like a lemon pie.

Delmonico Pudding

A corn-starch meringue, made of 1 qt. milk, 4 oz. starch, 4 oz. sugar, 5 yolks, 1 oz. butter, little salt; made up same as a lightly cooked custard; poured in baking dish; marmalade spread over; meringued with the whites; baked.

Demi Glace Sauce

The brown coating of the pan, which is the gravy-drippings from baked meat, freed from the grease, dissolved with broth thickened transparently with starch and strained. It is the meat gravy served with it; becomes a clear brown by slow boiling.

Devil Fish

(See cuttle-fish.) "The devil-fish is said to be rapidly multiplying in the waters of San Francisco bay. One of the fearful creatures was exhibited in the San Francisco markets a few days ago and attracted many visitors. The fish was about 9 feet in length and presented a most repulsive sight. Notwithstanding the latter fact, one of the tentacles was sold to an Italian for food before the monster had been on exhibition over an hour. The sons of Italy prize the tentacles most highly, the ordinary mode of eating them being to fry them or boil them in oil".

Devilled Meats

Broiled or grilled meats variously sauced.

Devilled Kidneys

Broiled kidneys with salt and cayenne.

Devilled Ham

Broiled slices of ham with a sauce of mustard, pepper and chopped pickles.

Devilled Bones

Spare-ribs or chops with Robert sauce.

Devilled Lobster

Lobster split lengthwise and broiled in the shell; served with devil sauce.

A Dry Devil

Leg of turkey or any kind of meat peppered and salted, coated over with made mustard, and broiled.

A Wet Devil

Leg of roast turkey, with cuts in it, seasoned with mustard, pepper and sak; broiled; served with devil sauce.

Devilled Oysters

Philadelphia specialty. Same plan as devilled crabs; the oysters chopped small, drained, put into thick butter sauce with yolks and parsley, salt, cayenne; baked in oyster-shells with bread-crumbs on top.

Devil Sauce

Made of 3 tablespoons each butter and meat gravy; large teaspoon each cayenne and sugar; 1 glass each mushroom catsup and white wine; juice of 1 lemon; made warm. (2)-Butter, gravy, Harvey's sauce, catsup, Chili vinegar, mustard, glass of port, juice I lemon, cayenne, black pepper, salt. (3)-Chopped shallots fried in butter, 2 ladles espagnole, 1 of broth, 2 tablespoons made mustard, Worcestershire and cayenne; strained.