A relish or appetizer popular and fashionable everywhere more than in the United States. It appears in the majority of foreign menus whenever the hors d'ceuvres are named separately. Can be bought in cans at all the fancy grocery stores. To serve, it is spread either upon bread and butter, to make sandwiches, or upon fried bread (croutons). Caviare is greatly eaten in Berlin as a supper dish, served separately on a dish with bread and butter, cayenne and lemon, same as would be eaten with oysters; in London the sandwich is the favorite form. Caviare is as black as ink; if. is the salted and smoked roe of the sturgeon, and that is black before it is cured; a large sturgeon will yield a pailful of roe that looks like berries. The comestible seems to be a Russian invention, as it is oftenest branded Russian caviare, though it is made in this country to some extent.

Tartines De Caviare

Spread on buttered toast, decorated with minced pickles, pickled peppers and parsley.

Caviare Salad

" Caviare, of course, everybody knows of, and Shakespeare's ' caviare to the general' would have no point to-day. But do you know how caviare salad is prepared? This is a most tasty preparation, and of great delight to the connoisseur. This is how you make it: Take 1/3 of caviare and 2/3 of bread crumbs and almonds, and mince the whole up as finely as possible with a little olive oil, till the mixture becomes of the color and consistency of mortar. It is very good indeed when eaten with olives".