Stuffed artichokes, stuffed tomatoes, stuffed cucumbers, egg plant and vegetable marrows.

Fillet Of Beef A L'Athenienne

In the Athens style it is larded, roasted or baked, surrounded with fried egg-plant in thick slices, a brown sauce with Madeira poured over the fillet.

Beefsteak A La Greque

Beefsteaks lightly fried with onions, a gill of Marsala wine, 1/2 pt. espagnole, same of stewed tomatoes added, simmered an hour; served with fried egg plant.

Greek Chicken

Cut up and cooked in tomato sauce and white wine, similar to beefsteak a la Greque.

Greek Roast Lamb

The favorite roast is very young lamb.

Agneau Kleftiko

A whole lamb roasted before an open wood fire, adding wild thyme and lemon juice to the basting; served with salads and vegetables. This dish is always eaten at Easter in Greece.

Pommes Kertedes

Potato croquettes flavored with grated cheese.

Stuffed Cucumbers A La Greque

Pieces 2 inches long parboiled, center hollowed out, set on end, filled with raw mutton forcemeat, simmered in the oven; served with tomato sauce.

Greek Pilaf

Rice boiled in broth with tomatoes and butter. The rice should be neither dry nor floating in liquid - a happy medium between the two. Pilaf is very good with larks, pieces of chicken or any kind of meat; it can also be eaten alone. "A few years ago some Greek students in Paris, longing for the flesh-pots of Hellas, got a Greek cook to come over to cook for them. He hired a small shop and began on the lowest possible scale. He has now one of the most successful restaurants in the Latin quarter and does a splendid trade, of which anyone may convince himself by looking into the Restaurant Orientate in the Rue des Ecoles. He is specially noted for his pilaf".

Greek Buttered Rice

A cupful of rice, raw, is fried in butter; a pint of tomato soup, or broth and tomatoes, is poured to the rice and all boiled about 20 minutes. It should not be very liquid, but dry enough to heap up in a dish. Have butter stirred in before serving. It is but a slight variation of pilaf; is served with broiled chichen livers, roasted larks, or vegetables only, such as cauliflower branches augratin.

Greek Rice Pudding

Cinnamon-flavored boiled rice custard, served with ground cinnamon separately. Made of 4 oz. rice, 2 qts. milk, 8 yolks, 2 oz. corn starch, 8 oz. sugar, 1 oz. cinnamon. Rice boiled in milk with cinnamon, custard made separately, stirred together; served cold.

Greek Pudding

Thick slices of bread soaked in cold milk, then strained and fried in oil or clear butter till browned outside only. Saturated with honey-and-sugar syrup, flavored with cinnamon; served warm. Rice and milk with sugar and cinnamon are made up in various forms of Greek sweet dishes.

Greek Balaklava Cake

Layers of pastry spread with chopped almonds in honey.


Thin wafers made of flour, sugar, and butter; baked until crisp. (See Fairy Gingerbread, the ginger omitted or substituted).

Rhcelo Saccharee

See Crystallized Hose Leaves.


Gi.iko - Preserves scented with flowers.

Greek Dessert

There are usually piles of many-colored grapes, oranges, sweet lemons, pomegranates, etc. The pomegranates are usually cut in halves, and eaten with powdered sugar and orange-flower water.

Greek Wines

The white wines of Patros, Samos and Kephalonia, and the red wines called rezinato because of the rosin which is added to the wines to preserve them. With dessert the Cyprus wine known as Commanderia (thick and strong like thick syrup) is drunk. Sweet port would make a very good substitute for Commanderia; Bordeaux, red or white, makes a good substitute for Patros wine, and various burgundies for rezinato.