Sut Kebabi

Pieces of the loin of mutton or lamb about the size of a guinea egg sprinkled with salt, pepper, and ground cinnamon, allowed to absorb the seasonings for 2 hours. Parboiled in milk, taken out, ran upon skewers, and roasted, basted with milk and flour until brown. Dusted with cinnamon; served hot.

Kiymadan Firin Kebabi

Baked mincemeat kebab, made of minced raw mutton, and minced onions partly fried in butter, with pistachio nuts, currants, salt, poppet and cinnamon. A caul fat is cut in pieces, the mincemeat in small portions wrapped in the pieces and baked.

Turkish Sausages

Raw mutton minced, and raw rice mixed, with salt, pepper, cinnamon and milk. Stuffed into sausage skins, boiled a short time in salted water. When cold, fried in butter, or breaded and fried.

Turkish Dolmades

Beef minced with raw rice, onion, parsley, pepper, salt, butter; some vine leaves parboiled, portions of sausage meat inclosed in the leaves, stewed slowly with water and butter in a covered saucepan; served with egg and lemon sauce.


Minced beef balls, like German kldse, made of 1/2 lb. each minced beef and bread panada and 1/4 lb. suet, flavored with onion, made into quenelles very small, rolled in flour, cooked in light wine sauce an hour; served with mushrooms and stuffed olives.


Rice boiled in broth, variously seasoned, nearly the same as Italian risotto. May have tomato sauce and butter. A traveller says: "In the villages, however, the inevitable dishes are pilaf and yaort. The former dish is found almost all over Mahommedan Asia. With a foundation of rice or wheat it receives a variety of other compounds, from chopped mutton to sweet almonds and raisins, and sometimes wild herbs. Yaort is a preparation of clabbered milk, prepared so that it will keep for a long time.

Beignets Du Harem

Rice dough made of cooked rice, flour, yeast and little salt, balls size of pigeon's eggs taken off when it is light, and fried same as doughnuts. They are quite white. Dusted with sugar and served with raspberry sauce.

Turkish Sweets

The Turks are celebrated for the variety and excellence of their pastry and sweets.

Souffles A La Skilizi

Vanilla sponge cakes moistened with kirschwasser syrup, made hot and served with sauce.

Raiiat Lakoum

"The rahat lakoum (coagulated delight) of the Turks is a preparation oipecten (the base imitation sold in this country is flavored gelatine.) I fed upon it once in the kitchen of the Seraglio at Constantinople. It was specially prepared for the Sultanas, and presented to me by his Excellency the Grand Confectioner as a sample of his masterpiece. Although more than forty years have elapsed since that moment of delight, the remembrance has not yet faded from my dreams. The flavoring essences of the grape, the nectarine, the pineapple, and I know not what other fruits, were there with all their aromas unpolluted. The sherbet was similar, but liquid. Well may the Turk abstain from the gross concoction that we call wine when such ambrosial nectar takes its place.