The true shrimp is much smaller than the prawn, which is called shrimp in the United States, and therefore not so suitable for cooking purposes, but is tenderer and of finer flavor and hence better as a relish for breakfast or tea. It is of a reddish brown color after boiling, the prawn a light pink.

Shrimps Fried In Their Shells

Are very delicious; like whitebait, but richer. Should any epicurean reader desire to try this dish, he should fry the shrimps, as they come from the sea, not as they are sold by the fishmonger, these being already boiled in salt water.

Shrimps Boiled

"Anent those tasty hors d'eeuvrex, shrimps, it may be well to note that their flavor is immensely improved by adding 2 or 3 glasses of sherry or other white wine to the water in which they are boiled".

Shrimp Croquettes

A novelty; are now introduced in the fish course by fashionable caterers.

Shrimp Rolls

Cut sorte thin slices of bread and butter from a tin loaf, which must be fresh, but not too new, or it will not cut well. Cut off the crust, and on each slice sprinkle a few shrimps, from which the shells have just been taken. Roll up each slice, taking care to keep them just one size, build them up on a napkin, and garnish with little sprigs of parsley.

Essence Of Shrimps

"At the bay shrimps of excellent flavor are caught in abundance, and one resident does quite a trade in potting and converting them into 'essence.' Let those who swear by 'anchovy' as a fish relish or sauce try essence of shrimps, and we fancy they will not forsake it thereafter'.