Fillet Of Chicken A La Dauphine

Breasts of chickens laid open, forcemeat inclosed, rolled up, covered with pork slices, simmered in butter and broth, dished on shape of fried bread; truffle sauce.

Chickens A L'Avoire

Chickens ivory-white; chickens cooked with sliced lemon and fat salt pork on the breast in seasoned broth, white supreme sauce poured over; red tongue for garnish.

Chickens A La Chivry

Boiled in seasoned broth; served with green herbs in rings of onion parboiled, and ravigote sauce.

Chicken A La Provencale

Cut up, fried in oil with garlic and seasonings, sauce of espagnole, wine and tomatoes, lemon juice and parsley.

Poulets A La Tartare

Breaded, broiled; served with tartare sauce and pickles.

Poulets Saute Aux Truffes

Cut up, fried in butter; served in brown sauce with truffles.

Poulets A La Provencale

Cut up in a pan; garlic, onion, oil, herbs; white wine to moisten, white sauce poured over, bread crumbs on top; browned in the oven.

Poulets A L'Orly

Cut up, dried, dipped in thin batter, fried; served with rings of onions floured and fried.

Poulets A La Bonne Femme

Stewed in white sauce.

Poulets A La Chasseur

Marinaded in oil, lemon juice, onions, herbs; breaded, broiled; served with wine sauce with chopped ham.

Poulets En Kari

Curry of chicken.

Fritot De Poulet

Cut up, marinaded in oil with seasonings, floured and fried; tomato sauce.

Fricassee De Poulet

Stewed in white sauce with mushrooms.

Fricassee De Poulet A L'Ancienne

Stewed in cream sauce with spring onions.

Chickens A Lamontmorency

Stuffed with forcemeat, sweetbreads, truffles and mushrooms minced; breasts larded, roasted in the oven; sauce with espagnole in the pan; garnish of sweetbreads and mushrooms.

Chickens A La St. Cloud

White dish, with red tongue and black truffles inserted in the breasts, and pork slices over; simmered in broth; white supreme sauce.

Filets De Poulardes Au Supreme

Breasts of fowls simmered in seasoned stock with butter, in a circle in the dish; supreme sauce over.

Filets De Poulardes Aux Champignons

Covered with cream sauce with mushrooms.

Filets De Poulardes A La Duchesse

Chicken breasts flattened; half of them larded, braised, glazed; half plain saute; dished alternately in a circle, cream sauce with cock's combs in the center.

Epigrammb, Of Chicken A La Macedoine

Imitation of cutlets made with the breasts flattened, breaded, bones in-serted,fried; imitation cutlets made of the legs.boned, stuffed, sewed up, pressed, simmered, with gravy; dished alternately in a circle, macedoine in the center.

Filets De Poulardes A La Talma

The breasts divided into upper and minion fillets (natural division), larger ones larded, braised, glazed; minion fillets studded with green string beans and fried in butter; spinach in center, brown sauce under.