Filets De Volaille A L'Avbassadrice

Breasts sliced, forcemeat spread, smoothed, shaped, egged over, half of them covered with chopped truffles and breadcrumbs, others with chopped ham and breadcrumbs, cooked in saute pan in the oven, served with puree of cucumbers.

Aspic De Poulet A La Princesse

Cold ornamental dish, cooked breast of chickens in oval slices, covered with jelly singly spread in a dish, cut out with a cutter when set, each slice with the jelly coating it; served with salad and aspic border.

Cotelettes De Volaille A La Dauphine

Legs of chicken with thigh-bone removed, steeped in oil, breaded, fried, served with vegetables in the center and cream sauce.

Cutlets Of Chicken A L'Allemande

Minced raw chicken meat and pieces of cooked chicken in small squares mixed together, red tongue, mushrooms and seasonings mixed in, making a chicken sausage meat. Shaped like cutlets, cooked in saucepan with butter, cooled, pressed, breaded, fried, chicken bones inserted; Allemande sauce.

Cutlets Of Chicken A La Villeroi

Minced cooked chicken made up as for croquettes, shaped, dipped in the sauce of onions, parsley, flour, yolks, butter, broth, etc., breaded and fried; tomato sauce.

Cutlets Of Chicken A La Montpensier

Breasts of chicken, raw, chopped, mixed with butter and cream, shaped like lamb chops, breaded, fried one side at a time in little butter; tomato sauce.

Chicken Saute A La Prin-Taniere

Cut up, fried in clear butter; sauce of white wine and espagnole, green peas and string beans mixed in, poured over chicken.

Salade De Filets De Volaille A La Brunow

Cold dish; a white aspic of cream and jelly, chicken meat, slices of cooked cucumber and green peas, cut out when cold and set served on a salad border with white tartar sauce.

Chartreuse De Volaille

Cooked pieces of chicken in forcemeat in a mould lined with vegetables.

Creme De Volaille

Puree of chicken mixed with cream sauce and eggs, steamed in a mould lined with truffles and tongue - a chartreuse.

Petits Souffles De Volaille

White meat of chicken, pounded, passed through a seive, mixed with butter, cream, yolks, whipped whites, baked in small paper or paste souffle cases.

Souffle Glace De Volaille

Frozen mould of chicken salad with whipped jelly.

Quenelles De Volaille

Pounded white chicken meat, with seasonings made up in olive shapes, poached, or breaded, and fried; served with dressed vegetables.

Quenelles De Volaille En Demideuil

Chicken forcemeat balls in half-mourning; white quenelles, half of them poached, half rolled in chopped black truffles; served with white supreme sauce and black truffle garnish.

Quenelles De Volaille A La Russe

Quenelles of fine chicken-forcemeat, oval, flattened, with oval slices of tongue to match in size, glazed; dressed in a crown (encouronne) alternately; sauce supreme.