Are cooked separate from the head in various ways.

Oreilles De Veau Farcis

Calf's ears first boiled tender, stuffed with any savory stuffing of minced bacon, onions and bread, or sausage meat and bread, or chicken stuffing, breaded and fried.

Oreilles De Veau En Marinade

Boiled tender, steeped in seasoned vinegar, drained, dipped in batter and fried.

Oreilles De Veau Aux Champignons

Calf's ears boiled tenter, served in a brown sauce with mushrooms, and yolks of eggs for garnish.

Calf's Ears Stuffed, Tomato Sauce

Simmered tender in stock with vinegar, stuffed as above, breaded and fried, served with tomato sauce, and parsley and lemons for gar nish.

Calf's Ears A La Lyonnaise

Cooked ears cut in shreds; fried onions in gravy and the calf's ears mixed in.

Calf's Ears A La Bechamel

Ears cut off deeply, cere removed with round cutter, boiled an hour in milk and water, stuffed with veal forcemeat, tied, simmered in seasoned broth; taken up, sauce strained and thickened, mushrooms and parsley added.

Oreilles De Veau A La Napolitaine

Stuffed with bread and cheese stuffing, with butter and yolks, breaded and fried.