Oeufs Au Beurre Noir

Eggs dropped into butter which froths and turns brown while frying; sprinkled with chili and tarragon vinegar; served on toast.

Oeufs Poches Au Jus

Poached egs in brown gravy; dish made memorable by Brillat-Savarin, who liked them cooked under roasting meat.

Oeufs Poches Au Jambon

Poached eggs on oval slices of broiled ham, with a peppery sauce.

Oeufs Au Kari

Eggs with curry; poached in an onion-cream sauce containing curry powder enough to make it yellow.

Oeufs En Canapes

Hard-boiled, the yolks seasoned, made green with chopped parsley, put back in the whites; served on toast.

Oeufs Au Mirroir

Eggs like a small hand-mirror; shirred eggs.

Shirred Eggs

American name; eggs dropped in a rather deep oval dish well spread with soft butter, and soft-cooked either in the oven or on top of range.

Oeufs A La Bonne Femme

Eggs a good woman's way; baked with chopped onions and vinegar.

Oeufs Au Soleil

Eggs like the sun; same as Duxelles.

Oeufs A La Provencale

Cooked in small moulds with chopped onions, brown sauce, etc.

Oeufs A L'Avignonnaise

Hard-boiled, divided acrcss; forcemeat made of the yolks, bread, anchovy, salt, pepper, nutmeg, white sauce; a built-up dish made of the whites, and forcemeat, crumbs, cheese and butter over; baked.

Oeufs En Caisse

Hard-boiled., sliced; in buttered cases lined with bread crumbs, with cheese in white sauce between the slices; crumbs on top; lightly baked.

Baked Eggs

Hard-boiled, sliced in dish with tomato sauce and grated cheese; crumbs over; baked.

Oeufs A La Bechamel

Hard-boiled, split lengthwise, in Bechamel sauce; crumbs over; browned in the oven.

Oeufs Au Veloute

Slices in white sauce with butter and pastry.

Fricasseed Eggs

Same as eggs a la tripe.

Oeufs Au Gratin

Sliced in white sauce; covered with cheese and crumbs; browned.

Eggs A La Creole

Eggs dropped singly into hot oil and fried in round shape; served with croutons and brown tomato sauce.

Oeufs A La Comtesse

Eggs boiled medium, shelled, dipped whole in thick yellow sauce, breaded, egged and breaded; fried, served on napkin with fried parsley.

Oeufs Aux Pistaches

Asweetdish; a kind of egg-pudding; made of 4 oz. butter, 1 oz. flour, 1/2. cream, in a saucepan; lemon rind, 1 oz. sugar, 8 eggs, 5 oz. pistachio nuts pounded; stirred over fire till like thick scrambled eggs; smoothed over in a dish; sugared; glazed in quick oven.

Egg Croquettes

Hard-boiled and minced in cream sauce thick enough to set when cold; seasoned sufficiently for the eggs; some parsley and chives; rolled when cold; breaded; fried.

Poached Eggs With Spinach

Spinach boiled green, drained and buttered; a neatly poached egg on top.