Oeufs En Volauvent

Puff-paste shell filled with slices of egg in rich cream sauce.

Egg Patties

Small patty cases of puff paste (petits vols-au-vents), the inside remainder of paste removed after baking; a raw egg dropped in; slack-baked again to set the egg; served hot with rich cream sauce and lemon.

Oeufs A La Polonaise

Hard-boiled, yolks mixed with fried shallots and tomato; whites re-filled; baked; fried crumbs over.

Egg Blanquette

Yolks and whites steamed in separate moulds as if for soup, cut in lozenges with tongue, truffles and mushrooms; all mixed in rich cream sauce, colored pale-yellow with raw yolks; served in border of fried shapes of bread.

Croustades Aux Oeufs

Cassolettes or fried-bread cases filled with the blanquette preparation.

Oeufs A La Coque

Plain boiled eggs.

Egg Medallions A La Russe

Hard-boiled slices on rounds of fried bread, with top dressing of caviare.

Rissoles D'Oeufs

Hard-boiled, cut in dice, mixed in thick cream sauce with raw yolks and minced fried onions, etc., stirred over the fire same as croquette mixture. Pieces size of corks rolled up in paste and fried.

Oeufs A La Regence

Hard-boiled, yolk extracted from aperture in end, filled with soft chicken forcemeat, poached, dished on end with white Italian sauce.

Oeufs A La Cardinal

Slices of hard-boiled eggs, yolks pounded to paste with butter, rings of white filled with red forcemeat of salmon and lobster; poached in baking pan; yolk-puree warmed in center of dish; rings around; pink cardinal sauce over.

Egg Pie A La Marseillaise

Onions and truffles sliced and fried with slight flavor of garlic, drained, sliced hard-boiled eggs added in seasoned Bechamel; bottom crust of short paste; top covered with mashed potato; baked brown.

Oeufs A La Muscovite

Hard eggs scooped out and stuffed with Russian salad of cooked vegetables finely cut in, tartare sauce; cold on bed of lettuce.

Oeufs A L'Oseille

Sorrel and eggs; the sorrel cooked like spinach with butter; hard eggs in quarters on top.

Pickled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs without shells in a jar; boiling, spiced vinegar with few onions poured over; ready for use in 3 days.

Beignets D'Oeufs

Egg fritters; soft poached eggs seasoned, cut round, inclosed in thin puff-paste, breaded and fried.

Egg Kromeskies

Soft poached eggs seasoned, dipped in batter, and fried.

Daisy Eggs

Rings of fried bread just large enough inside to hold one egg; set on buttered pan, an egg dropped in; baked to set; seasoned, buttered; parsley dust sprinkled over.

Fried Eggs A La Viennoise

Poached eggs trimmed round, dried on cloth, rolled in flour, and fried; used to garnish dishes, and for spinach, sorrel, etc.

Oeufs Sur Le Plat

Eggs on the dish; shirred eggs with thick cream cooked on top, as well as butter in the dish.