Imported vegetable; uncommon; Spanish thistle heads. The stalks of the inner leaves are the parts eaten.

Cardons A L'Espagnole

Freed from the soft stalks, and prickly edges rubbed off with a towel; cut in 4-inch lengths, parboiled, peeled, boiled in white broth with lemon juice and aromatics, served with espagnole and butter.

Spanish Cardoons With Marrow

Served with pieces of marrow toast.

Fried Cardoons

Tied in bundles like asparagus and boiled, rolled in flour and fried in butter; served with butter sauce.

Cardons Au Jus

Parboiled, scraped, stewed, served with brown sauce and beef marrow.

Cardons Au Gratin

Covered with bread crumbs, moistened with butter and browned in the oven.

Puree Df Cardons Aux Croutons

Cardoons stewed in stock, passed through a seive; the pulp mixed with cream, served on fried rounds of bread.

Cardons Au Parmesan

Cardoons blanched, scraped, boiled, breaded, fried light color, dusted with grated Parmesan, garnished with fried parsley.