"To-day let me merely mention the various ingredients that enter into the composition of Cassoulet de Toulouse, as given me by the amiable chef of the Cafe Voltaire: White beans, real Aries sausage, fresh pork, goose, garlic, pounded bacon, pepper and salt; stewed slowly together into a sort of puree for five hours. Apropos of cassoulet, I noticed, in passing down the Boulevard St Michel yesterday, a very fine show of fat geese displayed in one of the windows of Boulant's Buillon Restaurant, and over them the intimation, 'Cassoulet every Saturday.' The portion is tariffed at 6d.; but not for many sixpences would your correspondent try his feeble digestion with such a dish, delicious and savory though it may be to those endowed with what good old poet Horace calls 'dura ilia.' At many other Parisian restaurants, by the way, brandade and cassoulet days are announced in the windows on special showcards. For some reason brandade is usually a fixture for Tuesday, while cassoulet is almost invariably promised for Saturdays. On such days the restaurants in question are certain to be filled with Jark-bearded, voluble-tongued, and sub rosa be it added, garlic-scented, sons of the South".