Those who wish to find good authority for placing the small side dishes of cucumbers, celery, etc., after the fish instead of before, with the idea of "something to take away the taste of fish," have excellent patterns to follow in the three hotel bills of fare here following. A person having to decide what form to adopt could hardly do better than take either the first, which is from the Bates House, Indianapolis, or the third, which has the name of the hotel attached. The latter shows another way of putting in those little dishes, "small onions" and "olives" appearing in smaller type after the entrees, while "celery" follows the fish.


New York Counts.


Mulligatawny Consomml.


Striped Bass, Madeira Wine Sauce.

Boiled California Salmon, French Peas.

Potato Croquettes.

Spanish Olives Sliced Tomatoes Olives.


Fowl, Oyster Sauce Leg of Lamb, Caper Sauce.


Sirloin of Beef.

Young Turkey with Dressing.

Cranberry Sauce.


Tenderloin of Beef, Larded, Tomato Sauce.

Sweet Breads, Braised, Mushrooms.

Banana Fritters, Rum Flavor.


Roast Pheasant, Bread Sauce.

Mallard Duck, Plum Jelly.

Champagne Ice. Cold

Celery Salad Mayonnaise of Chicken Lamb.

Smoked Beef Tongue.

Roast Beef Crab Salad.


Mashed Potatoes Boiled Potatoes.

Steamed Rice.

Cauliflower Stewed Tomatoes Red Slaw.

Jersey Sweet Potatoes Baked.

Pastry, Etc

Oriental Pudding, Steamed, Brandy Sauce.

Lemon Meringue Pie.

Mince Pie Charlotte Russe.

Almond Macaroons Fancy Assorted Cake.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Raisins Mixed Nuts Figs.

Fruit in Season.

Edam and New York Cream Cheese Crackers.


These trifling variations show how bills may differ without being wrong in arrangement The middle one of these three bills of fare is from the Sherwood, a fashionable hotel in New York; it shows cucumbers after the fish, not because that is the place chosen for the cold hors d 'eeuvres, as some of them appear lower down under the head of "mayonnaise," but for the reason that it is proper, according to French ways, to serve cucumbers with fish. But suppose one has an antipathy and cannot eat sliced cucumbers with the French, is it not equally proper to eat sliced tomatoes with the Americans? And if both cucumbers and tomatoes are proper why not celery, also, and olives? The inquiring reader is to remember that these momentous questions can never be definitely settled - never so long as the world stands, but there may come a moment sometime in the midst of a heated debate when he will thank us for giving him this argument and the Sherwood bill of fare, which illustrates it.

Dinner. Tuesday, March I, L887

Blue Point Oysters on Half Shell.


Chicken with okra Consomme.


Boiled Halibut, anchovy sauce encumbent Potatoes.


Corned Beef and Cabbage.


Ribs of Beef Chicken Leg of Mutton.

Cold Meats, Etc.


Chicken Fetticus Lobster Lettuce.

Tomato Cold Slaw.


Fillet of Beef, sauce Bearnaise.

Calf's Feet a la Poulette.


Macaroni a la Milanaise Bermuda Potatoes.

Rice Tomatoes Oyster Plant, fried.

Mashed Turnips Cream Spinach.


Boiled Apple Dumpling, brandy sauce.

Peach Pie Charlotte Russe Assorted Cakes.

Orange Water Ice Vanilla Ice Cream Fruits Nuts Cheese Coffee.

An extra charge will be made for dishes ordered not on the bill of fare.