Friar's Omelet

A pan or mould spread with soft butter and all the fine bread crumbs that will stick, apple marmalade mixed with eggs and nutmeg to nearly fill, covered with bread, baked until set, turned out and sugared over.

English Apple Pudding

A deep bowl lined with short paste, filled with sliced apples, covered with paste, tied down in cloth, boiled an hour, served with sauce or sugar and butter.

Boiled Apple Dumplings

Short paste made with 1/2 pound of shortening to I pound flour, rolled thin, cored apple inclosed in it, dropped into boiling water till done.

Steamed Apple Dumplings

Paste with 3/4 pound shortening to 1 pound flour, apple core filled with sugar, etc., inclosed and steamed.

Baked Apple Dumplings

Medium puff paste or rich short paste, apple inclosed, leaves of paste or other ornaments on top, washed over with egg and water, and baked-Apple Dumplings in Sauce - Made same as steamed, but baked in a pan of sweetened milk and water.

Apple Short-Cake

Extra rich, ripe apples chopped raw, spread between short-cakes, (like strawberry short-cake) eaten with sweetened cream.



Made same as apple omelet.

Compote Of Apricots A La Conde

Halves of apricots on a bed of cooked rice, the latter .sweetened and flavored, red syrup or jelly for a finish.

Apricot Wine

Made by boiling apricots with sugar and water, fermenting same as appleade, but becomes a fine wine if carried through all the processes and kept a year. (See ivines).

Croutes Aux Auricots

Halves of preserved or compote apricots on fried slices of bread cut in shape; the syrup poured over.

Pain D'Abricots

Marmalade stiffened with gelatine, set in a border mould, turned out and the center filled with whipped cream.

Dried Apricots

The best are bleached with sulphur fumes and then dried in the sun.

Aqua Pura

Druggists' latin for plain water.

Aqua Vitae

Druggists' latin for brandy.

Aqua Ammonia

Liquid ammonia; used for taking out paint and grease spots.

Aqua Fortis

Nitric acid; used for testing metal spoons, watches, plate. It eats into the base metals, but does not injure gold or silver.


A tank to keep live fish in. In Canton and other Chinese cities, also in Moscow, Vienna and other places, the restaurateurs have these tanks so large and well-stocked as to excite remarks from every traveler. The intention is that the customer shall select his fish, have it caught in a dip net and cooked for him while he waits; much the same as our restaurants keep live quails in a show case.

Arabian Dishes

See Oriental Cookery.

Ardennes Salad

Shredded red cabbage steeped in salt and water, then drained and placed in the bowl, on top endive,, sliced boiled potatoes, celery, mustard, vinegar, pepper, and over all is poured the hot fat and gravy from a pan of fried ham.