The Sherwood. Breakfast




Bread, Cakes, Etc

French Rolls Graham Rolls English Muffini.

Boston Brown Bread Corn Bread.

Rye Bread Rice Cakes Wheat Muffins.

Rice Muffins Indian Cakes Crumpets.

Wheat Cakes.


Salt Codfish with cream Fish Balls.

Baltimore Roe Herring Salt Mackerel Codfish Hash Smoked Salmon Smelts Shad Codfish steak.


Beefsteak Ham Pig's Feet broiled.

Mutton Chops Veal Cutlets Breakfast Bacon.

Mutton Kidneys Calf's Liver and Bacon.

Chicken Pork Chops.

Chicken Livers en brochette.


Mutton kidneys with mushrooms.

Chicken Livers with mushrooms Clams Oysters Roast Beef Hash Chicken Has) Corned Beef Hash.


Hominy Mush Deerfoot Farm Sausages.

Oysters Scollops.


Boiled Scrambled Poached Fried.

Shirred Omelet.


Baked Hashed with cream Fried.

Lyonnaise Sautees.

Breakfast, 7 to ii. Lunch, 1 to 2

Dinner, 6 to 7:30. Supper, 9 to 11:30.

The fifth, a New York City hotel bill, with a list as rich and abundant as any, shows different ways of grouping the articles together and is suggestive of many suitable breakfast dishes. Nothing could show so well as this bill how much work must be done in a hotel before breakfast. Undoubtedly there are too many dishes offered in all but one or two of these bills, still, as a good many of them are not cooked until ordered the destruction ol provisions is not quite as serious as it looks.

Manifestly the proper rule in composing the breakfast bill is to place the dishes in the order that they are eaten by the generality of people. It is the custom, and the fashion, too, to eat fruit as a beginning, and then oatmeal or hominy or cracked wheat with cream; only small portions are served. After that the fish, meats, eggs and potatoes and bread are selected from all at once, and it makes little difference except for the appearance of the bill what order they are printed in, but waffles, crumpets, and all kinds of griddle cakes are eaten last and should appear last in the bill, as they do in most of the examples. The San Marco bill is the best model as regards the arrangement of different classes of dishes.