Oat Meal and Grits with cream.

Green, English, Breakfast and Japan Teas Coffee and Chocolate.


Beefsteak, Plain, Tomato Sauce or Onions.

Veal Cutlets, Plain or Breaded.

Mutton Chops.Plain, Breaded or with Tomato Sauce.

Lamb Chops Calf's Liver Mutton Kidneys.

Ham Tripe Breakfast Bacon.

Pigs' Feet, Plain or in Batter.


Lamb Tongues Roast Beef Smoked Tongues Pressed Corn Beef.


Broiled or Fried Trout Sheephead Redfish.

Croaker Redfish Courtbouillon.

Tenderloin of Trout, Sauce Tartar.

Salt Fish with Cream.

Codfish Balls Salt Mackerel.


As Ordered.

Saratoga Chips, Lyonaise Baked and Stewed Potatoes.

Broiled, Raw, Stewed and Fried Oysters.

Stewed Kidneys, Tripe and Corned Beef Hash Sausages.

Fried Hominy Boston Brown Bread.

Vienna and French Rolls Egg Muffins.

Graham and Plain Bread Dry and Milk Toast.

Buckwheat Cakes Maple Syrup Honey.

Breakfast Wines




Haute Sauterne...

$1 00

$2 00

La Tour Blanche.

.2 00



1 00

2 00





$0 75

$l 26

Chateau Bouiliac.

.. 75

1 25



1 25

Breakfast from 6 to 9:30 Dinner from 1 to 3 Supper, 6 to 9.

Breakfast on Sunday, 8:00 to 10:30 Dinner " " 2:00 to 4:00 Supper " " 6:30 to 9:00

Dishes ordered not on this Bill will be charged extra.

The third breakfast bill shows another style. It is the winter breakfast bill of a large New Orleans hotel, one of the best in the South, printed a thousand at a time and showing a rich variety, but yet has two blank lines left to write in any novelty or fresh acquisition from the markets. The list of breakfast wines accords with the customs in that part of the country.

"The San Marco". Breakfast


Tea. Coffee Chocolate Shells Hominy.

Oatmeal mush Hot rolls Dry and Cream toast.


Broiled shad Smoked herring.

Smoked salmon Codfish balls Codfish and cream.

Codfish hash Fried oysters.

Stewed oysters Broiled salt mackerel.

Broiled And Fried

Sirloin steak Bacon Mutton chops Veal cutlets.

Venison steak Pickled tripe.

Liver Sausages Ham.

Pickled pig's feet.

Mutton chops, breaded, tomato sauce.

Stewed tripe Stewed chicken.

Veal cutlets, breaded, tomato sauce.

Corned beef hash Fried hominy.

Fried Indian meal mush.

Stewed kidneys Fried bananas.


Boiled Fried Scrambled Poached Omelettes.


Baked French fried Saratoga Lyonnaise.

Hashed browned Hashed, with cream.

Baked and fried sweet.

Gridle cakes Buckwheat cakes.

Maple Syrup.

The fourth is the breakfast bill of one of the finest winter resort hotels in Florida, under northern management. This is a stock bill of fare, printed a thousand at a time, but has a style of its own and is devoid of notices or any extraneous additions.