The common custom is to print the breakfast and supper bills in advance, perhaps a thousand at a time, and endeavor to have every dish that is named each morning or else mark it off. Where the hotel keepers and stewards are progressive and the additional expense of printing is not an obstacle a newly corrected bill is printed for every meal and a smaller list is sufficient, there always being something fresh to expect. Comparatively few of those who have had experience with the dinner bill and its daily changes have had much practice in changing the breakfast and supper lists, and many will find it hard to think of new dishes to change with, and for their convenience a list of suitable dishes is given in the pages following these example bills.

Pea Body Hotel. Breakfast

Fruit in Season Oat Meal Cracked Wheat Grits.


Fried or Broiled Fresh Fish.

Boiled or Broiled Salt Mackerel.


Mutton Chops.

Sirloin Steak, Plain, with Onions, Tomato or.

Creole Sauce.

Ham Bacon Calves' Liver Tripe.


Veal Cutlets, Breaded Kidneys.

Ham Sirloin Steak, with Brown Gravy.

Calves* Liver, with Salt Pork Corned Beef Hash.

Hamburg Steak Mush Sausage.


Mutton Kidneys Tripe.


Fried Boiled Poached.

Shirred Scrambled Omelets, Plain, with Parsley, Cheese, Onions or Jelly.


Roast Beef Roast Mutton.

Corned Beef Boiled Ham.


French Fried Stewed in Cream Lyonaise Boiled Saute.

Breads, Etc

French, Vienna, Cream.

Graham, Corn and Plain Bread.

French Rolls Graham Muffins Corn Muffins.

Toast Crackers.

Corn, Wheat and Buckwheat Griddle Cakes.


Maple White Rock.

New Orleans Molasses.

Coffee Chocolate • Tea Milk.

Hours For Meals

Breakfast, 7-11. Dinner, 1-4. Supper, 6-0.


Breakfast, 7:30-11. Dinner, 1:30-4. Supper, 6-9.

Children And Nurses

Breakfast, 7. Dinner, 1. Supper, 6

The first is from a hotel that prints a new supper bill every evening, but has this, its breakfast bill, stationary. Any hotel keeper or steward who may be in the act of choosing a form of bill for a new hotel or other beginning will find use for all the particulars of headings, hours for meals, notices and all such particulars which are much better shown than written about.



Wheat Flakes Oat Meal Wheaten Grits.


Salt Mackerel Fish Balls.

Broiled or Fried Fresh Fish.


Beefsteak Ham Lamb Chops.

Breakfast Bacon.


Ham Rasher of Bacon Tripe.

Frankfort Sausage.

Stewed or Fried Pigs' Feet Stewed Kidneys.

Smoked Beef with Eggs or Cream.


Boiled Fried Scrambled Poached on Toast.

Omelets, plain, with Cheese, Parsley and Jelly.

Cold Meats. Potatoes

Baked Hashed with Cream French Fried.

Bread, Etc

Corn Muffins Graham Bread French Rolls Toast Plain Bread.

Oolong and English Breakfast Tea Coffee Chocolate Cocoa.

Hours For Meals

Breakfast 7 to 9. Dinner 1 to 3. Supper 6 to 8.

Nurses And Children

Breakfast 7. Dinner 12:30. Supper 5:30.

An extra charge for dishes ordered not on the Bill of Fare.

The second of these bills is from a hotel that prints a new bill for every breakfast, making the changes on wheat flakes, cere-a'ine, hominy grits, graham farina, cracked wheat mush, rolled avena, and all the names which the manufacturers and merchants invent for such farinaceous wares; that is for the first line, and all the others are similarly changed, especially the styles of potatoes and breads and the entrees.