In the hotel cook books may be found sample lunch bills of fare which show how some hotels serve a number of breakfast dishes, such as hominy and milk, also baked beans, pigs' feet, codfish balls, and various odds and ends to make up a good-sized list In a general way those dishes may be chosen which, a'though good, seem hardly good enough or elaborate enough for a dinner entree; the salmi of venison in the specimen biil of fare shown in a preceding article of this series is an example. There is nothing wrong about it, yet we can but think it was only sliced venison with thin mushroom sauce; one would rather have birds of some kind for a salmi for dinner. Then all the hot hors d'ceuvres, which it is hard to find a place for in the dinner bill, are just right for lunch; the chicken rissoles of the above mentioned bill is an example in point All sorts of salads come in place for lunch, and all sorts of cold ornamental dishes, galantines and cold raised pies or fides. Besides these, the same list to be found further on, of dishes suitable for supper, is equally applicable to the lunch bill of fare.

This bill, like the dinner bill, is changed every day, and has to be either printed daily or written.

The next is an example of the small bill of fare selected for children dining separately in care of nurses, in a large resort hotel where at least three times as many dishes were served in the great dining room an hour later for the adults.

A number of these bills will be found with lines and reading notices apparently superfluous for the object of these articles, especially the breakfast bills now to follow; they are given entire, however, to show the usages of good hotels in these respects, purely for information.

Hotel San Marco, St. Augustine, Fla

Children's ordinary.

Dinner, Sunday, ... April 10, 1887.


Chicken Consomral.


Boiled bass.




Ribs of beef.


Pineapple fritters Macaroni, a. l'ltalienne.


Mashed potatoes Stewed tomatoes.

Baked sweet potatoes.


Tongue Ham Roast Beef Lobster Salad.

Pastry And Dessert

Baked Indian pudding.

Lime meringue pie Appple pie.

Assorted cake Strawberry ice cream.

Apple sauce.

Crackers Nuts Raisins.