Is in season every month in the year; is at its best in mid-winter. The head and shoulders are considered the best parts and are generally boiled; the thinner parts being sliced and fried.

Codfish Stewed With Onions

Slices in butter-sauce with chopped onions.

Cod A L'Indienne

Slices of cod baked with butter and seasonings and a curry sauce poured over, made of 2 onions, 1 carrot and 1 apple, sliced and fried in butter; flour, stock, anchovy and curry added; parsley and lemon garnish.

Curried Cod

Slices of cod fried with onions, gravy added, curry powder, cayenne, butter, cream, flour, salt.

Cabillaud A La Hollandaise

The thick part boiled, served with Hollandaise sauce.

Cabillaud Recrepi, Sauce Aux Huitres

Crimped cod, boiled, oyster sauce.

Cabillaud Farci Au Four

Cod stuffed and baked.

Cabillaud A La Portugaise

Codfish steaks floured and fried; tomato sauce flavored with anchovy.

Cabillaud Grille A La Colbert

Steaks broiled, spread with maitred'hotel butter; potato balls around.

Cabillaud A La Creme

Boiled cod picked apart in flakes, in cream sauce, dredged with parsley dust, or a la creme au gratin, covered with bread-crumbs and browned.

Codfish Baked A La New Bedford

The fish split and laid open, marinaded in oil and seasonings, drained, buttered, bread-crumbed, baked; wine or cider and oyster liquor in the pan for sauce.

Codfish Boiled, Flemish Sauce

Fresh cod boiled in salted water acidulated with vinegar, drained, dished up on a folded napkin surrounded with parsley leaves; sauce separate made of butter-sauce yellow with mustard and egg yolks.

Cod A La Provencale

Pieces of cold fish mingled with shallots, chives, oil, pepper, salt, lemon peel, nutmeg; baked, sprinkled with lemon juice.

Codfish Croquettes

Cold fish and oysters chopped together, bread-crumbs, cream, pepper, salt; made up in balls, breaded and fried.

Dried Cod

When the cod is dried on the downs it is called dun-fish, from the Gaelic root duin, a hill. If dried on the rocks, it becomes rock-cod, or the klipp-fish of the Norwegians. Among these the cod is called torsk - in English tusk, from the Gothic duerren, to dry. The well-known Aberdeen fish, or French laberdan, is from the Gaelic abar, the mouth, and dan, a river - a fish caught near the river-mouth. Heraldic designs of ancient pattern bearing devices of fishes are well known, and the king of the Danes has a representation of the dried cod upon his coat-of-arms.

Corned Cod, Ling Or Haddock

A fish split open and laid in salt for three days, then dried for two days, is excellent broiled.

Morue Au Gratin

Salt cod in cream sauce, cheese, bread-crumbs and butter on top; baked.

Brandade De Morue

Salt cod in butter-sauce, oil and garlic; finely chopped before stirring in the sauce.

Cods Sounds

Are to be bought at most provision stores; they are in barrels, salted, and squire 24 hours' soaking; they are then boiled in milk and water, and when tender dressed in all ways same as salt or fresh fish, broiled, spread with forcemeat; fried in batter, etc.

Cod Roe

Is parboiled in salt water with vinegar, cut in slices, dipped in batter and fried, or egged and breaded.

Smoked Cod Roe

Breakfast relish; soaked, sliced, fried a little, served on toast.

Codfish Balls

One-half boiled salt cod, one-half potatoes, egg yolk and pepper to bind and season, run through a meat grinder, balled up, rolled in flour; fried. Codfish ball preparation ready for use can be bought in cans; needs only balling and frying; will bear more potatoes added.

Codfish Fritters

Codfish ball mixture with more eggs added, little butter and chopped parsley, dropped from spoon into hot lard.

What The Cod Eats

"The dredge is considered usually by naturalists to be the best implement with which to obtain information upon deep-sea life, but Professor Baird says that the stomach of the cod is the best of all dredges, for it usually contains morsels of every sort of marine resident within reach; while only a few weeks since a theatre-programme was found in the stomach of one. With a high-born contempt for the requirements of trade, the cod feeds upon herring and mackerel extensively, being also somewhat partial to lobsters".