An article of the first necessity now in every hotel; eaten both at breakfast and supper. The rolled oats are much easier to cook than coarse oatmeal. When the latter is used it needs to be soaked in water over night, then boiled 2 hours to make mush or porridge. It is eaten with cream or milk. "Oatmeal used to be the staple dietary article of our forefathers, but it is curious to note that while its sale has fallen off to a large extent in Scotland, it has latterly increased greatly in England. This is surely a silent revenge for Bannockburn. We have forgotten our national poet's line, 'The Gale-some parritch, chief o' Scotia's food;' and England, which is ' annexing' every good thing that Scotland possesses, has now appropriated her porridge, while we poor Scotch are gradually deterioating our race by the consumption of tea and white bread".

Oatmeal Pudding With Cream

Made of 1 qt. boiling milk, 4 tablespoons oatmeal, 4 tablespoons flour, little salt. Oatmeal and flour stirred up with cold milk then poured into the boiling milk; cooked 20 minutes or longer; eaten with cream and sugar.

Oat Cake

Akron oatmeal with little butter rubbed in and salt, made into dough with hot water, rolled out thin and size of a dinner plate, cut in quarters, baked in oven.