Well-known imported cheese of a dry and solid sort and high flavor. It is ranked among the choice comestibles for high-priced tables. Can be bought at the fancy grocery stores at about double the price of American cheese; size about 6 or 8 lbs. This cheese is made of sheeps' milk. " Roquefort, in Aveyron, France, has been celebrated for generations on account of its caves and cheeses; these two items are inseparable, for without the caves the cheeses would be nowhere, and vice versa. All round the country is rich in delightful pasture lands and hilly grounds, affording splendid fodder for the sheep, which, reared in hundreds of thousands, develop udders of exceptional size, and yield an appreciable quantity of milk. The ewes' milk is converted into fine cream cheeses, and these are disposed in alternate layers with a sprinkling of powder, made from a special kind of brown bread, which has been subjected to the attacks of a particular kind of mould, peculiar to Roquefort. The farmers who make these ' loaves,' as they are now called, dispose of them to the celebrated ma-turers in the town, the Societe des Caves Reunies. The cheeses on reaching the caves are brushed, and then pierced through their substance with numerous minute holes, by means of elaborate machinery.

They are then set aside in the caves to ripen, and it is an undeniable fact that nowhere else in the world will the peculiar fungus grow and impart such a toothsome flavor to the cheese as in these caves".