These have come to be so called from their being the one showy adjunct to "Consomme Royale." They are pieces cut in some regular shape out of a cake of cooked egg that is like an omelet steamed instead of fried; made by well mixing eggs with a little broth or milk, pouring it into a buttered pan and steaming or setting in boiling water.


The custard is wanted to be solid and firm, not porous and crumbly, therefore the mixture must not he beaten light and must not be cooked with furious boiling; it should be set gradually at gentle heat. When cooked and cold it is turned out of the pan and cut in diamonds or cubes, or lozenges as wanted.

Varieties Of Custards

(1) They are made of eggs with a little seasoned broth mixed in. (2) With eggs and cream. (3) With eggs .and fish broth. (4) With egg-yolks and broth, etc. (5) With egg-whites and broth, etc., - making two colors and kinds. (6) With eggs or yolks mixed with pounded chicken meat. (7) With eggs or yolks mixed with chopped mushrooms, onions and parsley. (8) Green with eggs and puree of spinach. (9) Pink with eggs and red lobster or crayfish butter. ( 9) They are cooked in small ornamental thimble moulds.