The latter is the French spelling, but is oftenest used. They are cheese puffs or little puddings of cheese baked in paper cases. Made of 1/2 pint milk, 2 oz. butter, 1 large tablespoon flour, 2 oz. grated cheese, 4 eggs, pepper, milk and butter boiled together, thickened with the flour; cheese added and eggs well beaten at last; baked in little cases or cups. For lunches or club suppers.

Ramequins A La Raymond

The same mixture as queen fritters with enough grated cheese mixed in to flavor it well, baked like puffs on pans, dusted with grated cheese before taken from the oven.

Ramequins A La Sefton

Or Sefton's fancy, invented by an epicure of that name. They are puff paste with grated cheese rolled in the layers cut in small shapes and baked.

Ramequins Souffles

Cheese puffs in paste cups. The mixture made same as frangipane with cheese and salt instead of sugar. When cold whipped whites mixed in, baked in cups or cases. They rise high and are to be served immediately.

Ramequins A La Gen Evoise

Pounded butter and hard boiled yolks with grated cheese spread on small shapes of bread and baked.