Jean Dore Or Saint Pierre

A sea-fish common in French and English markets, of singular appearance and excellent quality. "On the Brittany coast, crabs, dorys, mullets, and fifty other varieties are plentiful. The dory is here called la bete du bon dieu, it being a superstition that it was the first thing in the waters under the earth that was created, the round black marks on the sides being supposed to be the traces of the Creator's fingers".

JOHN dory, jaune dore, or saint pierre.

JOHN dory, jaune dore, or saint pierre.

Jean Dore A La Cremeriere

Boiled in milk and water; served with sauce of cream, butter and lemon juice.

Jean Dore En Matelote Mariniere

Dory baked, and served with oyster sauce.

Jean Dore A La Bateliere

Dory boiled; served with button-onions, mushrooms and essence of anchovy in white sauce.

Jean Dore A La Puree De Crevettes

Dory cut up and stewed; served in a puree of shrimps with butter and Bechamel sauce.

Dory Boiled

The fins are cut off, the fish placed in a fish kettle with 3 oz. salt to 1 gl. water; the water brought to a boil gradually and simmered till the fish is done; served with caper sauce. - The name is said to be a corruption of Faune, yellow. Dore is golden.