A crown or border mould of chocolate Bavarian, the interior filled with whipped cream, garnished with crystalized fruits.

Souffle Au Chocolat

Chocolate, sugar, flour, cream and yolks beaten together; the whipped whites added; baked in small cases; to be served immediately.

Chocolate Souffle Pudding

Specialty of a hotel chef in Germany. Made of 4 oz. each flour and sugar, 2 oz. each butter and chocolate, 1/2 pint milk (a cup); all made into a paste over the fire; cooked; vanilla added, and 4 yolks; mixture beaten 10 minutes; whites whipped stiff added last; baked; served soon as done.

Chocolate Transparent Icing

Choco-late melted by heat in a little syrup and well worked together; boiiing syrup added; used hot.

Chocolate [Candy] Creams

Made of fondant sugar cast in starch moulds, then dipped in melted chocolate and cooled on glazed paper; glazed or varnished with an alcoholic solution of gum benzoin.

Chococolate Whip

A variety of whipped cream to serve in cups, made of 1 qt. rich cream, 1 oz. unsweetened chocolate, 8 oz. sugar; scalded to boiling point; cooled; 4 whites added; whipped, and cream and froth served cold.

Chocolate Macaroons

Best made of granulated sugar, 1 lb. to 4 whites, worked with a paddle as for icing; 3 oz. grated unsweetened chocolate stirred in; dropped on paper; slack baked.

Chocolate Meringues

Same as macaroons baked on wetted paper on boards; no bottom crust; two together like eggs.

Chocolate Pipe Icing

Chocolate melted by heat only poured into white icing; used to decorate cakes on the plain surface.

Chocolate A La Voltaire

This beverage was first invented by Voltaire, who constantly for his breakfast partook of half cafe au lait and half chocolate, which were served at the same time in separate vessels in a boiling state, and poured from each slowly about 18 inches in elevation from the cup, being thus rendered extremely light and digestible.

Bavarois Au Chocolat

See cremes.

Chocolate Ice Cream

Dissolved chocolate in hot milk added to sweetened cream; frozen.

White Chocolate It E Cream

Roasted cocoa beans bruised and steeped in hot milk, which is then used to flavor the cream or custard to be frozen.

Chocolate With Whipped Cream

"The refreshments here, as in all Berlin cafes, aic most varied, a favorite consommation being milk-coffee iced, with whipped cream on the top. Chocolate is served also with a thick top of whipped cream, and a basket of pastry is always placed OH the table with the cup".