The steward is directly responsible (holding somebody else responsible to himself) for the appearance of the crockery and glassware as it goes to table. The dishes, cups and saucers and all the rest must be bright and spotless, not showing marks of being smeared over with a wet and much used towel, but shining with the polish left by clear and very hot water, the glassware the same. The cream pitchers and water pitchers need special watching that the inside be well cleansed. The steward also watches the dishes as they pass him coming from the kitchen to see that there are no thumb marks and spatterings of gravy on the edges.

He has to see that the dishes after washing are covered up and effectively secured from flies and dust.

He is responsible also for the dishes being kept warm, in a dish-heater or otherwise, and makes rules against the waiters and others destroying dishes by placing them to get hot upon the range.

Accordingly he has shelves, closets, draining racks, warm closets, dry towels, mosquito net coverings, and all such appliances made in the manner best adapted to the particular circumstances of his house.

The dishwashers, pantry woman, scrubbers, ice man and yard man are directly under the steward's control, to hire and discharge them without reference to any heads of departments whatever. The better the hands he can secure in these menial situations the lighter will be his cares.