Perhaps there is no need of argument to show the advantage of such a moderate amount of daily drilling, as has been described but a few pages back. It has the same use for a body of waiters that it has for a body of police or firemen; it keeps them compact, makes them regular in habits, makes them manageable, gives the head man a grip upon them. It would be useful were it only for the muster and roll call to let him know they are all there. It is very easy to ■' run such a thing in the ground," as the raying is, and as nothing ever escapes the funny men of the newspapers we have here an amusingly exaggerated sketch from an English banqueting place:

"There was nothing of an extraordinary character about the dinner itself, but quite unusual pains were taken to drill the army of waiters engaged thereat into a proper knowledge of their respective duties. The following unique and novel handbill, presumably distributed to them by some grim, scar-disfigured, veteran half-pay sergeant, was handed to each of the knights of the napkin prior to his undertaking the onerous and responsible duties of waiting upon the Gas Institute: