If any poison is swallowed, drink immediately a half-glass of tepid water with a heaping teaspoonful each of common salt and ground mustard. This vomits as soon as it reaches the stomach, but for fear that some of the poison may still remain, swallow the white of one or two eggs, or drink a cup of strong black coffee - these two being antidotes for a greater number of poisons than any other dozen articles known, with the advantage of their always being at hand. For oil of vitriol or aquafortis, give large doses of magnesia and water. For ammonia, give vinegar freely. For oxalic acid, give magnesia or chalk and water, administered in large and frequently-repeated doses. For saltpetre, give an emetic of mustard and water, afterwards mucilage and small doses of laudanum. For opium or laudanum, give an emetic of mustard and water; use constant motion, and, if possible, a stomach pump; also, strong, black coffee. For arsenic, doses of magnesia are useful, but freshly-prepared hydrated oxide of iron is best. For insects taken into the stomach, give small quantities of vinegar and salt. For corrosive sublimate, give the whites of eggs mixed with water until free vomiting takes place.