This is one of the nicest ways of cooking shad, bluefish, mackerel, salmon and the large trout. Always use a double broiler. Rub it well with a piece of suet before putting the fish in. A fish weighing four pounds will take half an hour to cook over a clear but moderate fire. The flesh side should be first exposed to the fire, then the skin. Great care must be taken not to burn the skin side. When the fish is done, separate it carefully from the broiler with a knife so as not to break the nice brown outside. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and spread it with butter, stand it in the oven for a moment and it is ready to serve.

For broiling, the fish should be cleaned and split down the back, leaving on the head and tail.

Broiled Halibut Or Salmon

Have the steak cut one inch thick, wash it quickly and carefully, dry it with a towel, place it on a broiler and broil over a clear fire (not too hot) for ten minutes or until a nice brown on one side; then turn and broil on the other side. Put on a hot dish, spread with butter, dredge with salt and pepper on both sides, garnish with parsley and serve.

Halibut Steak A La Flamande

Take a halibut steak an inch and a half thick, wash and wipe it dry. Butter the bottom of a roasting pan, sprinkle it with chopped onion, salt and pepper; put the fish on top of this, brush it over with the yolk of an egg, sprinkle thickly with chopped onion, parsley, salt and pepper, pour over it a teaspoonful of lemon juice, cover with a tablespoonful of butter cut into small bits and bake in a moderate oven thirty minutes. Serve on a hot dish, with Bdchamel sauce and garnish with slices of lemon and parsley.

Broiled Mackerel (Salt)

Wash and scrape all the thin black skin from the inside. Soak the fish in a large pan full of cold water over night. In the morning wash it in fresh water and wipe it. Brush it with melted butter, dredge lightly with pepper, lay it on a greased broiler and broil with the flesh side down over a clear fire; then turn and broil the skin side. Be careful as it will burn very quickly on this side. When done lay it on a hot dish and spread with butter or serve with maitre d'hotel sauce.

Broiled Smoked Salmon

Cut a piece of the salmon the size you wish. Wash it well in cold water, then cover it with boiling water and let it stand on the back part of the stove where it will keep warm (not hot) for twenty-five minutes. Then take it out, wipe dry and broil the same as mackerel.