Iced Cabinet Pudding

I quart of milk

6 eggs 1/4 pound of pulverized sugar 1/4 box of gelatine

1/4 pound of macaroons and lady fingers mixed 1/2 pound of candied cherries or preserved fruit 1/2 pound of stale sponge cake

Cut the sponge cake into small pieces. Pound the macaroons and lady fingers and rub them through a coarse sieve. Put the milk on to boil in a farina boiler. Beat the eggs until creamy, then add the sugar; beat until smooth, and stir into the boiling milk; stir until it coats a knife-blade; take from the fire, and add the gelatine, which has been covered with cold water, and soak a half-hour; then strain and stand aside to cool. Garnish the bottom of a melon or brick mould with the candied cherries or preserves; then put in a layer of the broken sponge cake, then a sprinkling of the pounded macaroons and lady fingers, then another layer of cherries, then a layer of broken sponge cake, and so on until all is used. Add a table-spoonful of vanilla to the custard; pour it into the mould and cover the mould tightly with the lid. Dip a piece of muslin two inches wide, and long enough to go around the mould, into melted butter; bind it over the joint where the lid and mould come together; pack in ice and salt, and freeze three hours. When ready to serve, dip the mould quickly into hot water, and turn the pudding on a cold dish. Serve with Montrose Sauce. This will serve ten persons.

Montrose Pudding

1 quart of good cream 1 cup of granulated sugar

Yolks of six eggs

1 tablespoonful of vanilla

1 pint of strawberry water-ice

Put one pint of cream on to boil in farina boiler. Beat the yolks and sugar together until light, stir them into the boiling cream, and cook and stir until it thickens (about one minute). Take from the fire, add the remaining pint of cream, and the vanilla, let stand until cool, and freeze. When frozen, pack into a round mould, or bomb, leaving a well in the centre. Fill this well with the strawberry water-ice, cover it over with some of the pudding you have taken out. Pack in salt and ice, and let stand until wanted (not less that two hours). Serve with the following sauce poured around it.

The Sauce

1 heaping tablespoonful of gelatine 1/4 cup of pulverized sugar

1 pint of cream Yolks of three eggs 1 teaspoonful of vanilla

Cover the gelatine with a little cold water, and soak a half-hour. Put the cream on to boil in a farina boiler. Beat the eggs and sugar together until light, add to the boiling cream, stir until it thickens (about one minute), add the gelatine, stir until dissolved; take from the fire, add the vanilla, and (if you use it) two tablespoonfuls of brandy and four of sherry. Stand it away in a cold place until wanted.

If you have no round mould, use the freezer to mould it.

This quantity will serve twelve persons.

Nesselrode Pudding

1 pint of chestnuts 1 pint of sugar 1 pint of boiling water 1 pound of French candied fruit (mixed)

1 pint of almonds

1 pint of cream

1 pineapple or one pint of canned Yolks of six eggs

Shell the chestnuts, take off the brown skin, put them in a saucepan, cover with boiling water, and boil twenty minutes, then press them through a colander. Shell, blanch and pound the almonds. Cut the fruit into small pieces. Put the water and sugar on to boil; let it boil fifteen minutes. Beat the yolks of the eggs until very light; add them to the boiling syrup; stir over the fire until it boils, then take it off, and beat with a wire spoon until cold. Now add the fruit, cream, almonds, chestnuts, and a table-spoonful of vanilla, and (if you use wine) four tablespoon-fuls of sherry. Mix all well together, turn into the freezer, and freeze. After it is frozen, drain off the water, add more salt and ice, cover the freezer with a piece of carpet, and stand away for four or five hours to ripen. This will serve fifteen persons.