Make a plain cup cake, and bake it in a deep, square mould. The cake should be at least seven inches thick when done. Make a Frozen Custard (see recipe). When ready to serve, cut off the top of the cake, and take out the centre, leaving a bottom and wall about one inch thick. Fill this space with the Frozen Custard; now put the top back; if it is high in the centre, cut the elevation off, and take the bottom of the cake for the top. Serve with cold Brandy Sauce poured around it.

Cafe Parfait

1 quart of thick cream 1 gill of black coffee

1/2 cup of powdered sugar

Add the coffee and sugar to the cream, then whip the whole to a froth; as fast as the froth comes to the surface, skim it off and place in a colander to drain. That which drains off may be turned back and whipped over. When you have it all whipped, turn it carefully into an ice-cream mould, press the lid down tightly, bind the joint with a strip of buttered muslin, pack in salt and ice, and freeze three hours.

This is as simple as it sounds, and always turns out well.

The above will serve eight persons.

Strawberry Parfait

1 quart of cream Sugar to taste

1 pint of canned strawberries or a half-pint of strawberry juice

Whip the cream to a froth, as directed in Cafe Parfait, then add the strawberry juice and sugar, mix carefully, and finish same as Cafe Parfait. If canned strawberries are used, they must be pressed through a colander.

Parfait may be made from any flavoring or fruit desired, the parfait taking the name of the flavoring or fruit used, as Chocolate Parfait, Vanilla Parfait, etc.

Orange Souffle (Frozen)

1 quart of cream Yolks of six eggs

1 pint of orange juice 1/2 box of gelatine

1 pound of sugar

Cover the gelatine with a half-cup of cold water, and soak one hour; then add a half-cup of boiling water, and stir until dissolved. Mix the orange juice and sugar together until they form a syrup. Beat the yolks of the eggs to a cream. Whip the cream. Now mix the syrup and yolks together in a tin basin, stand the basin in a pan of ice-water, strain the gelatine into it, and stir carefully until it begins to thicken, then stir in lightly and hastily the whipped cream, turn into an ice-cream mould, pack in salt and ice, and freeze two hours.

This should not be frozen as hard as ice cream.

Serve with Montrose Sauce poured around it.

This will serve ten people. By changing the flavoring and adding sugar acordingly, endless varieties of souffles may be made from this recipe.