French Artichokes

French artichokes have a large, scaly head, like the cone of a pine tree.

Strip off the coarse outer leaves, cut the stalks off about an inch from the bottom, wash well in cold water, then throw them in boiling water, add a teaspoonful of salt, and boil slowly until the outer leaves are tender; then take from the fire, put them upside down on a plate to drain. Arrange in a circle upon a hot dish, the tops up, pour over them Bechamel or sauce Hollandaise, and serve.

Jerusalem Artichokes

Wash and scrape the artichokes, throw them into cold water, and soak two hours, then cover them with boiling water, and boil until tender; watch closely, or they will harden again. Serve with Cream Sauce.

Pickled Jerusalem Artichokes

Boil the artichokes as directed in preceding recipe, drain and put them in a stone jar. To every quart of artichokes allow one pint of cider vinegar, one bay leaf, one slice of onion, four whole cloves, and a blade of mace. Put the vinegar in a porcelain-lined kettle with all the other ingredients, stand it over a moderate fire, and bring slowly to boiling point, then pour it over the artichokes, and stand away to cool.

They will be ready to use in twenty-four hours, and will keep two weeks.